Dec. 1821 - 25 April 1903






Elizabeth is believed to be the fourth child of Jeremiah Franks and Mourning Fisher Franks.  According the 1900 census of Fulton County, Arkansas, she was born in December of 1821 in Tennessee.  However, the 1850 census would place her birth in 1827.  It is probable that she was born in White or Warren County since land records for Jeremiah have been found here during this time period.  As has been stated in previous family histories, the Franks family emigrated from Tennessee to Alabama in the late 1830's.  Elizabeth would have been about 8 years old during this trip. Census and land records indicate that over the next twenty years the family moved back and forth between Marion County, Alabama and Itawamba County, Mississippi which border each other.  In 1830 and 1850, they are listed in the Marion County census, and in 1840 in the Itawamba census. 

        On the 11th of July 1854, Elizabeth married Samuel Emery Rader in Senatobia, DeSoto County, Mississippi.  He was 49 years old and had previously been married to Elizabeth Byram with whom he had nine children.  It is assumed that she died between 1851 and 1853 (she is listed in the 1850 census with Samuel) and that he then married Elizabeth who was 32 and not known to have been previously married.  It is interesting to wonder how Elizabeth met Samuel.  DeSoto County is in the extreme northwest of Mississippi and quite a distance from Marion County, Alabama.  Another Franks, Mourning Franks who married John W. Gann, is living in DeSoto during this time. Mourning's relationship to other Franks has never been established, however, it is possible from her birth date and birth place ((about 1805 in Tennessee) that she is the sister of Jeremiah.  Jeremiah might have arranged the marriage, through Mourning, as Elizabeth had reached the age of 32 without marrying.  Of course, all of this is conjecture, nothing has been proven.  After they married, it is probable that the youngest five of Samuel's children lived with them. These children ranged in age from 6 to 18.  However, a few months later, in October, the 18 year old, Martha, nicknamed "Annie", married Elizabeth's youngest brother, Lemuel.  Samuel and Elizabeth have their first child around 1857.  Daughter, Malinda, is born in Mississippi (probably in Itawamba County). 

        It appears from birth dates and birth places of various Franks children, that in the latter half of 1859, Jeremiah and Mourning Franks and their children, Oliver, Lemuel, David, and Elizabeth and their families moved to Arkansas.  Jeremiah and Mourning lived with Oliver and along with Lemuel's family, they settle in Fulton County.  Elizabeth and Samuel Rader settle in neighboring Izard County.  David's whereabouts is not exactly known, but civil war records indicate that David and Lemuel both served in the same unit which was raised in Missouri.  Why they came to Arkansas is not known.  Other Franks  from Tennessee and Alabama had been living in Izard County for at least 10 years, however, their relationship to Jeremiah's family is not known.  As was the case for many westward migrations, the promise of affordable land was usually the motivating factor.

        Elizabeth is listed in the 1860 Izard County, Union Township census with Samuel and seven children.  She has had a son, Jeremiah, born in April of 1860 in the Calico Rock area of the county.  Also living with them is daughter, Malinda, four of Elizabeth's stepchildren, and an unknown 10 year old boy, James T. Sumer, whose relationship is unknown.  Elizabeth cannot read or write.  Samuel is working as a farmer and his real estate is worth $640 and personal estate is $400.  Two years later, another son, Newton Jasper, is born.   The family has not found in the 1870 census, but in 1880, they are still living in Fulton County.  Sons, Jeremiah and Newton, are living with them.  Mary A. Franks, age 18, daughter of Lemuel who has passed away, is also with the family. 

        Samuel Rader, died at the age of 90, on November 22, 1895 leaving Elizabeth a widow at the age of 73.  In December, she applied for a military pension as Samuel had fought in Bishop's Company of the 2nd Alabama Mounted Volunteers in the Creek War of 1836-7.  Elizabeth is found living with her son, Jeremiah, and his family in the 1900 census of Fulton County, Cleveland Township.  Internet sources state she died April 25, 1903 at the age of 81.  Both Elizabeth and Samuel are reportedly buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Union Township of Fulton County.  There are no markers on their graves.

Known Children of Elizabeth Franks and Samuel Rader:



c1857, MS




Jeremiah D.

01 April 1860

Calico Rock,

Izard Co., AR

Triffaena Ellen Grills

08 Dec 1886

14 April 1924

Lone Chimney, Pawnee Co., OK


Newton Jasper

06 April 1862

Thorn Hill,

Izard Co., AR

Mary Ellen Pearson

c1884, AR


03 April 1938

Taft, Kern Co., CA

Stepchildren of Elizabeth Franks (Parents Samuel Rader and Martha Elizabeth Byram):


William Franklin

9 Sep 1832,

Jackson Co., AL

Permelia Caledonia Bray

04 Dec 1856, DeSoto Co., MS

13 April 1889


Izard Co., AR


Elmira Jane

05 Aug 1834

Jackson Co., AL

1. Samuel Turner

31 Jan 1850, DeSoto Co., MS

2. William Jasper Langston

c1858, Izard Co., AR

06 Apr 1920

Izard Co., AR

Trimble Campground Cemetery, Dolph, Izard Co., AR

George William

c1835, AL

Hiley Sexton c. 1858



Martha E.  "Annie"

c1836, AL

Lemuel Franks

18 Oct. 1854, DeSoto Co., MS

before 1880


Maria M.

c1838, AL

William Jasper Langston

c. 1855, AR

c. 1856, AR


Sarah Ardelea

c1842, AL

Jeff Wilson



James A.

c1845, MS




John H.

10 Sep 1848,

DeSoto Co., MS




Mary Rebecca

8 Oct 1850,

DeSoto Co., MS

Jeremiah Thomas Franks

06 May 1865, Fulton Co., AR

17 Nov 1904


Johnston Co., OK

Johnston Co., OK