Jeremiah Franks' Land Holdings

(Includes other Franks who held land adjacent to him)









Jeremiah bought 160 acres of land made available through the treaties of Oct. 20, 1932 and May 24,1834  with the Chickasaw Indians,  and through the Act of Congress of 24th April 1820. His land contained the NE quarter of Sec. 18 in Township 8 South of Range 9 East of the Chickasaw Meridian. The land office was Ponotoc and the Certificate # was 15905 and the Accession No. was MS3050_.423. He paid $19.94 at 12.5 cents per acre.

Jeremiah obviously also held the SE plot at some time as the deed for the sale of the property in 1838 has been located.  However, when the land was originally purchased is not known.

Plots of land adjacent to those owned by Jeremiah were owned by one Elisha Franks, possibly a brother.  There were several men named Elisha Franks living in the area at the time.  The date of purchase suggests that this Elisha may have been the one born about 1802.




Jeremiah was listed as "63 years old of Marion County" when he bought this 120 acres located on the east half of the South East quarter of Section two and the North West quarter of the South West quarter of Section 1, in Township 12 South, Range 13 West in the District of Lands at Huntsville, Alabama. This land was made available at a reduced cost according to an of 4th Aug, 1854, in which settlers could only use the land for personal use and could not buy more than 320 acres. The certificate No. was 27513 ans the Accession No. was AL3850_.466. He paid $120.49 at 12 and a half cents per acre.

It is not known at this time the relationship between the adjacent owners and Jeremiah.






This was 80 acres made available through the land Act of April 24th, 1820. Jeremiah's plot was the SE quarter of the NE quarter and the NE quarter of the SE quarter of Section 18 in Township 12 South of Range 12 West. The land office was in Huntsville, Alabama and the Certificate # was 30755 and the Accession No. was AL 3940_.063. 

There has been some speculation as to whether this plot was bought by "our" Jeremiah since he left for Arkansas in late 1859 or early 1860.    It is possible that the plans for Arkansas were not made yet or that he decided to buy the land anyway to keep it "in the family".  One would have to research how long the land was held and who eventually bought it to make further assumptions. 

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