Great Conewago Cemetery Entrance Gate

Cemetery is located in Hunterstown, Straban Township, Adams County, PA

General Overview of the Cemetery

Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in this Cemetery

Individual Graves of Rev. Soldiers are also marked with a flag and a marker

First of several stones grouped together - includes family of John Galbreath of Menallen and the Gilliland family

Ann Galbreath

Died Jan 4, 1852

Aged 78 yrs, 11m. and 25 days

Note: The stone appears to say June 1st, but this date was verified in a newspaper obit. This is the daughter of John Galbreath and Margaret Bell.

Jane Bell Galbraith

Jane B. Galbraith

Died March 20, 1857

Aged 90 years, 7 mons and 13 days

Note: This is the daughter of John Galbreath and Margaret Bell.

Mary Galbraith Gilliland (daughter of John of Menallen)

Mary Gilliland

wife of Wm. Gilliland

Died May 8, 1851

Aged 88 yrs, 10 months, ? days

Eleanor Vance Gilliland

In Memory of Eleanor Gilliland

Who departed this life

June 21st 1811

Aged 45 years

(Born 1766 - Eleanor was wife of Samuel Gilliland, brother of William Gilliland)

Samuel Gilliland

In Memory of Samuel Gilliland

Who departed this life

Sept. 26th A. D. 1812

Age 65 yrs 11 months 10 days

(Born 16 Oct. 1746 - Parents Jane and John Gilliland. Brother of William Gilliland)

Sarah McKnight Galbreath


Wife of John Galbreath

died Sept. 22, 1851

Aged 82 y, 11m, 12 days

(Maiden name was McNight) Buried beside husband, John (son of John of Menallen) and daughters, Jane and Margaret.

Margaret Galbreath

Margaret Galbreath

Born June 6, 1803

Died Sept. 1, 1874

Aged 71 y, 2 months, 25 days

Buried beside parents, John and Sarah, and sister, Jane.

Jane Galbreath

Jane Galbreath

Died Feb. 17, 1858

Aged 57 y, 1 m., 25 days

Buried beside parents, John and Sarah, and sister, Margaret.

James and Rebecca Galbrath (In different area of cemetery)

James W. Galbrath

Died March 2, a863

In the 66th yr. of his age

Rebecca Galbrath

Died June 1, 1878

Aged 77 yrs.

James was son of Willliam and Mary Galbreath and grandson of William Galbreath of Orange Co. NC.

Rosannah H., William, Sarah Rife, Eliza etc.

Rosannah H. and William were children of John of Menallen. They are buried in a different area than the other siblings, and William's children are buried here also.

Rosanna H. Galbraith

In memory of

Rosanna H. Galbraith

daughter of John and Margaret Galbraith

1785 - 1860

This is the daughter of John of Menallen township.

William Galbraith (son of John of Menallen)

In memory of

William Galbraith

Born May 10, 1775

Died Nov. 27, 1859



Sarah M. Rife Galbraith

Sarah M.

wife of William Galbraith

Died april 20, 1877

Aged 89yrs, 7 months, 1 day

Dearest mother thou has left us.....

Eliza, Sarah Ann, and Rosanah Galbraith

Eliza Galbraith

Mar 13, 1818 - Jan 5, 1899

Sarah Ann Galbraith

Nov. 10 1826 - Apr. 27, 1899

Rosanah Galbraith

June 7, 1829 - July 16, 1908

These are the children of William and Sarah Galbraith.

Isabella and Robert Galbreath

The tall white stones are Isabella and Robert. Some of their children are buried to the right of them. The "Bell family" is buried in the iron enclosure.

In memory of Isabella Galbraith

Died ? Mar 1812

Aged 84 yrs.

In memory of Robert Galbraith

Died Jan. 1, 1810

Aged 82 years, ? months, ?days

Mary Galbraith

In Memory of Mary Galbraith

Died Feb 5, 1836

Aged 34 years, 11 months, 0 days

Buried with her parents (Mary and William) and maternal grandparents (Robert and Isabella).

William Galbraith (of Mt. Pleasant)

In Memory of Wm. Galbraith

Who Departed this Life

Sept. 21 AD 1839

In his 70th yr.

Buried beside his wife, Mary and her parents (who are actually his aunt and uncle). William is the son of William of Orange Co., NC.

Mary Galbraith

In Memory of Mary Galbraith

Died July 8, 1845

Aged 69 years, 3 months

Daughter of Robert and Isabella Galbraith and wife of William Galbreath.