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This site describes ancestors of the Balkcom family who lived in western Oklahoma beginning in around 1905, including my father Euel Balkcom, his sisters Mae and Thelma, and brother Jake.  Also included is genealogy of many of the "southern branch" of the Balkcom family in Georgia and Alabama.  The main families included are:

  •      Balkcom     (NC-GA-AL-TX-OK)

  •      Baldwin      (GA-AL-TX-OK)

  •      Brannon      (SC-AL)

  •      Galloway    (SC-AL)

  •      Murphy       (NC-GA-AL)

  •      Mathews     (GA-AL)

  •      Preston       (Ire-Eng-GA-AL)

  •      Clark           (Ire-Eng-GA-AL)

  •      Parrish        (VA-SC-AL)

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Balkcom Origins and Migrations


Balkcom Surname Origins


Balkcom Biographies  Brief stories of the lives of some Balkcom ancestors


Bolkcom Newsletters  Check this amazing work from the 1980s


Ideas on the ancestors of James E. Balkcom of Duplin County, North Carolina, our earliest known Balkcom ancestor


A Traveler's Impression of Pre-Civil War Duplin County, North Carolina


The Murphy Connection



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