Elizabeth Ann (?)1

#1451, b. say 1815
Last Edited21 Jan 2006
Birth*say 1815date guessed based on marriage date 
Will*before 1832Randolph County, Georgia, USA; In the "Index to Georgia Wills" there is a will listed for Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Mathews in the Randolph County Will Book 1845-94. It appears these wills were actually written before 1832.1 
Married Namebefore 1832Mathews1 
Marriage*before 1832(?) Mathews1 


  1. [S156] Jeannette Austin, Index to Georgia Wills (Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1985).

Elizabeth (?) mnu1

#2739, b. 1818, d. 2 August 1896
Last Edited22 Nov 2018
Birth*1818South Carolina2 
Married Name2 February 1845Galloway1 
(Bride) Marriage*2 February 1845(Groom) James E. Galloway; Lydia, Darlington County, South Carolina, USA1 
Death*2 August 1896Lydia, Darlington County, South Carolina, USA2 


  1. [S282] Family Bible , James Galloway (son of George Galloway & Susannah Pipkin), Darlington County Historical Comission, Darlington, South Carolina (family history excerpts and transcriptions found on ancestry.com).
  2. [S416] Ancestry Database, ancestry.com. Hereinafter cited as Ancestry Database.

Elizer (?)1

#2690, b. circa 1809
Last Edited29 Dec 2018
Birth*circa 1809Georgia, USA1 
(Resident) Census1 September 1870(Head of Household) Thomas J. G. Clark; 4th Precinct, Henry County, Alabama, USA; "Thos J G Clark", head, age 63, farmer, born Georgia;
"Elizer Clark", age 61, born Georgia;
"Aurelius Clark", female age 19, born Alabama;
"Nancy Balkum", age 32, born Georgia (likely the widow of John William Balkcom and assumed daughter of Thomas and Elizer Clark);
"Mary E Balkum", age 11 (assumed Nancy's daughter);
"Olivia J Balkum", age 8, (assumed Nancy's daughter), born Alabama;
"James Smith", age 16, born Alabama;
"Susan Benton", age 18, born Alabama;
"William Smith", age 11, born Alabama.1 
Resident: Nancy (?)
Resident: Mary E. Balkcom
Resident: Olivia J. Balkcom


  1. [S11] Census, U.S. of 1870, Henry County, Alabama, Precinct 4, Census Page 11, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Ella H. (?)1

#1848, b. April 1870
ChartsDescendants of Eleazer Galloway & Leaty Parrish
Last Edited21 Nov 2002
Birth*April 1870Alabama, USA1 
Married Namecirca 1888Galloway 
Marriage*circa 1888James Eldridge Galloway1 
Cen-Enum*14 June 1900AL Dale Co Census 1900; ED 67, Precinct 13 Bells Schoolhouse, Dale County, Alabama, USA; age 30, born April 1870 in Alabama, parents born in Georgia. She had been married to James for 12 years, and was mother of 7, 6 living at the time of the census.1 
Witness: James Eldridge Galloway
Burial*November 1945Old Center Methodist Church Cemetery, Henry County, Alabama, USA; plot adjacent to Eldridge Galloway. Date of birth October 16, 1868, death Nov 18, 1945.2 


  1. [S77] Census, U.S. of 1900, Dale Co AL, Enum Dist 67, Precinct 13, image 17, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.
  2. [S227] John Carroll Skinner Genealogical Collection, tombstone transcription, Compiler John Carroll Skinner, Old Darlington District Chapter of The South Carolina Genealogical Society, Hartsville Genealogical Research Library, Hartsville, SC.

Elmeda (?)1,2

#552, b. circa 1848
Last Edited21 Jan 2001


Paul Preston b. c 1848
Children 1.Anna A. Preston2 b. c 1872
 2.Georgia Preston2 b. c 1873
 3.William T. Preston2 b. c 1874
 4.John M. Preston2 b. c 1877
 5.Eddie Preston2 b. c 1879
Birth*circa 1848Alabama, USA1 
Married NamePreston1 
Marriage*Paul Preston1 
Cen-Enum*28 July 1870AL Dale Co Census 1870; Echo, Dale County, Alabama, USA1 
Witness: Paul Preston
Cen-Enum*18 June 1880AL Dale Co Census 1880; Beat No. 9, Dale County, Alabama, USA2 
Witness: Paul Preston


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  2. [S12] Census, U.S. of 1880, Dale Co, AL page 636D, HH12, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

F. C. (?)1

#1133, b. circa 1838
Last Edited27 Jan 2001


George S. Baldwin b. c 1838
Child 1.Mary Baldwin1 b. c 1856
Birth*circa 1838Georgia, USA1 
Married Namebefore 1856Baldwin1 
Marriage*before 1856George S. Baldwin1 
Cen-Enum*1860GA Randolph Co Census 1860; Randolph County, Georgia, USA; a female age 22, born in Georgia. Living with the family was E. Jarrell, a 22 year old male, occupation listed as overseer. Conjecture this could be the brother of F. C.1 
Witness: George S. Baldwin


  1. [S13] Census, U.S. of 1860, GA Randolph Co, page 661 hh 582, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Fannie (?)1

#2663, b. say 1850
Last Edited9 Aug 2017
Birth*say 18501 
(Bride) Marriage*say 1875(Groom) George W. Mathews; Crawford County, Georgia, USA; Estate papers of G. W. Mathews refer to his widow as Fannie Mathews.1 
Married Namesay 1875Mathews1 


  1. [S461] Georgia Wills and Probate Records, Crawford County - Probate Court - Misc Records of the Inferior Court, Georgia Archives, Morrow, Georgia, USA.

Fannie L. (?)1

#986, b. 11 December 1853, d. 1 May 1926
Last Edited31 Dec 2001


Benjamin F. Mathews b. 24 Aug 1841, d. 18 Nov 1923
Child 1.Benjamin F. Mathews Jr.1 b. 6 Jun 1890, d. 4 Nov 1939
Birth*11 December 18531 
Married NameMathews1 
Marriage*Benjamin F. Mathews1 
Death*1 May 1926Crawford County, Georgia, USA1 
Burial*May 1926Little Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; "Wife of B. F. Mathews"1 


  1. [S114] Little Union Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery Inscriptions Crawford County Georgia, online http://www.rootsweb.com/~usgenweb/ga/crawford.htm,.

Frances D. (?)1

#1200, b. circa 1800
Last Edited30 Jan 2001
Birth*circa 1800Virginia, USA1 
Married NameBaldwin1 
Marriage*Samuel Baldwin1 
(Resident) Census24 June 1870Samuel Baldwin, GA Stewart Co Census 1870; Lumpkins District, census pg 88, hh#737, Stewart County, Georgia, USA; "Samuel Baldwin" head of household, age 72, retired farmer, $4000 real estate, $900 personal, born in Georgia;

"Francis Baldwin" age 70, keeping house, born in Georgia;

Four domestic servants named, two blacks ages 65 and 44, and two mulattos, ages 13 and 11; one mulatto child was listed, and two black children;

Also appearing on this census page were the families of Pauline Baldwin (mulatto) and Charles Baldwin (age 71, black)2 


  1. [S134] Sara Robertson Dixon, History of Stewart County Georgia Volume II (, Family History Section, The Baldwin Families, p 650; P. O. Box 401; Waycross,GA 31501: A. H. Clark, 1975).
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Hannah (?)

#1931, b. before 1795
Last Edited22 Nov 2002
Birth*before 1795 
Married Namebefore 1815Galloway 
Marriage*before 1815Peter Galloway; Date guessed, has to have been at least 15 years before 1829 based on number of children in will dated 18291 
Progeny*1829Peter Galloway; Barnwell County, South Carolina, USA; Sons: Jeames, Johnathon, William;
Daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Jane, Sara, Ann, Nancy 


  1. [S246] Will Books, Barnwell County South Carolina, Barnwell County Records, Compiled by Edna Anderson Manning [Vol 1] p 71; cited by researcher Skinner, South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 8301 Parklane Road, Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

Hannnah (?)1

#2097, b. circa 1829
Last Edited5 Dec 2004


Harris Brannon b. c 1836
Child 1.William Brannon1 b. c 1850
Birth*circa 1829Georgia, USA1 
Marriage*before 1850Harris Brannon; inferred from living in same household in 1850 census1 
Married Namebefore 1850Brannon1 


  1. [S14] Census, U.S. of 1850, Stewart County Georgia, census pg 39, ancestry.com image pg 3, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Hester (?)1,2

#890, b. circa 1774, d. before May 1843
ChartsAncestors of Euel Balkcom
J Balkcom Tree (Paternal) - Ancestors of Euel Balkcom
Descendants of Hester Balkcom
Last Edited9 May 2020
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Euel E. Balkcom


Unk Y-Bal
Children 1.Unk Child A of Hester Balkcom+ b. s 1793
 2.Nancy Balkcum+19 b. s 1794, d. b Feb 1854
 3.Unk Child B of Hester Balkcom+ b. s 1794
 4.James E. Balkcom+21,22 b. 7 Jan 1807, d. 24 Nov 1887
 5.Mariah Balkcum+19 b. c 1814
Name VariationBalkcum 
Journal*John Balkcom; Hester Balkcom of Sampson County, North Carolina, is the earliest known Balkcom ancestor of the southwest Oklahoma Balkcoms. Descendants of her recorded children, two daughters, are DNA matches with descendants of James E. Balkcom, born 1807, the earliest known Balkcom male ancestor. This establishes Hester as very likely James' mother although it's conceivable she was his grandmother. Little is known of Hester until 1803 when she was recorded as the widow of John Balkcom John was likely a descendant of Alexander Balkcom of Rhode Island in the mid 1600s. John was not the father of James E. Balkcom, having died several years before James' birth.

John and Hester Balkcom lived in Sampson County, North Carolina, near the Duplin County line, in the early 1800s and before. John was closely associated with Ichabod and Alexander Balkcom of the same area of North Carolina, both descendants of the Rhode Island Balkcoms. John was a hatter by trade and possibly farmed as well since he owned several hundred acres of land. He married Hester (maiden name unknown) before 1800 and died in 1803 leaving Hester and two children, a girl Tombsin who was apparently limited in capability in some way and who died at around age 15, and a son Wiley who inherited the portion of the family land that did not go to Hester. Wiley sold the land in 1834 and moved to Georgia near present-day Valdosta and then to Dale County, Alabama where he had a large family and where some descendants still live. Hester continued to live in Sampson County, for some time in the original John and Hester home. She died in Sampson County in 1843, leaving two daughters and grandchildren as heirs.

Hester may have been the biological mother of Wiley and Tombsin or she may have been their stepmother. John's estate records show the dower laid off to Hester included the house and improvements, along with 150 acres, while other assets and the remainder of the land went to John's children Willie (later spelled Wiley) and Tombsin who were identified as orphans. They were placed in the care of Hester for which she is paid by the estate. Both children were in her household in 1810, or at least it contained children of that age along with others unidentified. That the children were named as John's orphans might suggest that Hester was John's second wife and not the children's biological mother. The term orphan, however, may have simply reflected legal practice at the time which assigned children to the father so that a fatherless child was identified as orphan. In fact, in 1813 estate records Hester Balkcom is identified as "the mother of said deceased", referring to Tombsin Balkcom. This remains quite an uncertain area.

Hester died in Sampson County in 1843, leaving a will naming as heirs daughters Nancy Balkcum and Mariah, last name not stated, and grandchildren. Mariah was born after John's death, and Nancy probably before Hester's marriage to John. Interestingly, Hester gave Nancy and Mariah the name Balkcum, suggesting that she did not remarry after John's death. Daughter Nancy kept the Balkcum name throughout her life and gave her children the Balkcum name so she also may not have married. Many descendants of Mariah and Nancy lived in the area until 0s.

A note on surname spelling: "Balkcum" was used by Hester's descendants who stayed in this area of North Carolinaa, while "Balkcom" was used by John's son Wiley when he later lived in Georgia and Alabama. Federal census takers for Sampson County mostly used "Balkcom", while county clerks there who wrote local records used "Balkcum". The Balkcoms, like most in rural America, were not reading or writing and would not have shown a preference. By the mid-1850s most of the Georgia and Alabama Balkcoms used "Balkcom", although "Balkum" was used by one branch.

A note on the Balkcom land: John's land was in two counties, southwest Duplin County near Rockfish Creek and adjacent southeast Sampson County. He was active in land deals, in 1798-1801 selling 232 acres in one location and buying 332 acres. On his death in 1803 he had around 450 adjacent acres, with the house and possibly 100+ acres in Sampson County, and the larger part in Duplin County. It was located in the Taylors Bridge community north of Harrells.

A further note on my link to Hester and John Balkcom: My ancestor James E. Balkcom was born in1807, four years after John's death. My family's DNA matches with several of Hester's descendants strongly suggests, without conclusive proof, that Hester was James' mother with father unknown, but possibly a local Bowen or Merritt man. James was closely associated with John Balkcom's son Wiley throughout their lives but whether there was a biological relationship is unknown. At most they may have been half brothers.3 
Birth*circa 17741,2,4,5 
Comment*Hester's parents are unknown. There may be a clue in the fact that the Sampson County Court in 1806 named a John Bryan as guardian of the children of her deceased husband. Often a brother of the widow would be appointed guardian as it would have been unusual under the legal framework at the time to name the widow as guardian. The referenced blog post gives the background for why an uncle of the children was often chosen.
Hester may also connect to the Matthis family, some of whom were neighbors to John and Hester Balkcom in the Taylor's Bridge area of Sampson County. Edmond Matthis, b. c1719, d. c1783 in Sampson County, had a daughter named Tomzan, while John Balkcom and possibly Hester named a daughter Tomsin. Edmond had a son Harmon, and Hester had a grandson Harmon. Edmond's will lists wife Mary, daughters Tomzan Goff, Sarah, Elizabeth Elkins, Jemima Fennel, Maryann, Sabra Goff, Edah, Esther, and Oliff. Sons listed were John, Rice, Edmond, James, Thomas, Lazarus, Zacheus, and Harman. A son of Rice Matthis married Phoebe Alderman, daughter of David Alderman and Jemima Hall. There is a writeup on Edmond and Molly Price Matthis, and others of the Matthis family, in one of the Sampson County Historical Society books. I don't have the source information but a few pages can be found on ancestry.com, search for Edmond Matthis.6 
Marriage*say 1792a probable first marriage, date estimated 
Married Namesay 1799Balkcom1,2 
Marriage*say 1799John Balkcom; North Carolina, USA; This is possibly a second marriage for both John and Hester. Court records name Hester as widow of John Balcom. Marriage date is estimated based on the birthdates of Wylie and Tombsin Balkcom, and the assumption, unproven, that Hester is not their biological mother.7,8,2,1 
Comment*1800John Balkcom; 2 males under 10 are in John and Hester's household in the census of 1800, one Wiley, other unknown. Also 2 females under 10, 1 Tombsin, other unknown. The unknown boy and girl may have been Hester's children that she brought into the marriage. They were for sure not children of John. Estate records in 1813, on Tombsin's death, state that John left two minor orphans on his death. The guardian of the minors, John Bryan, paid Hester $190 for maintaining the minors. The estate records confirm Wiley and Tombsin are brother and sister. Hester is confirmed as widow of John. The repeated use of the phrase "orphans of John Balkcom" in estate records may mean that Wiley and Tombsin were not Hester's children. However, in one paper in 1813 Hester is referred to as the mother of Wiley and Tombsin. 
(Witness) Death1803John Balkcom; North Carolina, USA; The Bob Bolkcom newsletter states that he left only two legal heirs, a son, Wile (Wiley or Willie) and Tombsin (a daughter). In a 2002 email Bob Bolkcom states that John Balkcom was a hatter, and was killed on his way to Wilmington to buy supplies.9 
(Heir) Estate18 April 1803John Balkcom; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; The court "Granted adm'n of Estate of John Balcom, dec'd, to James Matthis who gave Bond of 500 pounds & took oath of Adm'r". The court assigned a committee to lay off to Hester Balcom, widow of John, one years provisions and report to the next court.7 
(Heir) Estate17 January 1804John Balkcom; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; The court "Appointed Shadrack Stallings, John Matthis, David Hall a Committee to lay off Dower of lands of late John Balcom, dec'd, to Hester Balcomb, Widow of dec'd, & return same to next Court."

By North Carolina law (1784) for a husband dying without a will:
"The widow, upon her petition, was put into possession of a third of the land her husband had owned at his death, plus enough provision to support her and the minor children for a year. In the personal property division she received the same portion a child did. If slaves were part of her 'child's part' she held them only for her lifetime; at her death they returned to her husband's other heirs. If the deceased had no children, however, a third of the personal estate went to the widow absolutely, even if that third included slaves."10,11 
(Heir) Estate18 April 1804John Balkcom; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; The court concurred with and ordered recorded the "Report of the Committee appointed to lay off the Dower of land of John Balcom, dec'd, to Hester Balcom, widow of said dec'd, is as follows: Beginning at a pine the Original Corner running thence as the old line S 57 E 188 pole to a pine, the other old corner thence N 60 E 156 to a pine, thence N 57 W 188 pole to a stake in the field, thence to the beginning which includes the Dwelling House and most of the Improvements of said dec'd."

Rough calculation shows this to be 150 acres. John's total land at death would have been 450 acres and the 300 acre excess over 150 would have passed to Wiley and Tombsin or possibly Wiley alone.10 
Tax List*1806Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; "Hester Balcomb" listed on the Duplin County Tax list (450 acres land, no white or black polls).1,12 
(Witness) Event21 January 1806Wiley Balkcom, Tombsin Balkcom; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; named as orphan children of John Balcom:
"Appointed John Bryan Guardian to Willie Balcom and Tomzin Balcom, Minor Orphans of John Balcom, dec'd, he gave bond of 1000 pounds; Ordered he take their Estate into Possession." "Appointed Aaron Williams, William Stoakes & John Stallings a Committee to settle the accounts of Estate of John Balcom, dec'd with James Matthis the Adm'r & Reporte to Court." "Ordered John Bryan, Guardian to Orphans of John Balcom, dec'd, pay Hester Balcom $30 out of Interest of said Orphans money in his hands for each year she has maintained said two Orphan Children."13 
Cen-Head*1810Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; "Hester Balcomb", head, female age 45 or over, with female age 10-15 (probably Tombsin), and males 2 u10 (one may have been James E. Balkcom #28, other unknown), 1 10-16 (probably step-son or son Wiley), 2 16-25 (possibly William #1255, other unknown). Census page 28. Neighbors Ezzekial Matthis, Jacob Matthis, Edward Bowen (several houses away), Frederick Bowen (2 census pages away), John T. Bryan (3 pages away).4 
Resident: Wiley Balkcom
Resident: Tombsin Balkcom
Neighbor: Edward Bowen
Neighbor: Frederick Bowen
Tax List1811Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; Land 450 acres.14 
(Witness) Deathsay 1812Tombsin Balkcom; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; estate records confirm death by 19 January 181315 
(Resident) Census*1820(Enumerator) US 1820 Census; Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; female of Hester Balkcum's approximate age was counted in the household of William Balkcom, who may have been Hester's son from before her marriage to John Balkcom (deceased), or he may be Wiley Balkcom, John's son.16 
Neighbor: Edward Bowen
Neighbor: Lewis Bowen
Cen-Head*1830NC Sampson Co Census 1830; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; "Hester Baucom" was head of a large household of 10. She was listed as age 50-59, with 121001 males, 10011101 females:
males 1 under 5 (unknown person), 2 5-9 (say grandsons Lemuel #887 and Harmon #888), 1 10-14 (say grandson John #2356), 1 20-29 (possibly James E. Balkcom #28 or unknown husband of Nancy #2002 or Johnson husband of Mariah #2003); females 1 under 5 (say granddaughter Margaret or one of the other dau of Nancy), 1 15-19 (possibly granddaughter Mary Ellen dau of Mariah), 1 20-29 (say daughter Mariah), 1 30-39 (say daughter Nancy), 1 50-59 (Hester). A Henry Murphy (30-40) and family lived adjacent. This may be the Henry Murphy who lived in Thomas County Georgia in the 1840s.

Neighbors Nathan Johnson, Henry Murphy, Haywood Merritt, Robert Merritt, Jessie Merritt, David Merritt, Salley Merritt, Daniel Merritt. A Merritt is a y-dna match to the males of the southwest Oklahoma Balkcoms and so Merritt neighbors to Hester are candidates as father of one or more of the widowed Hester's children.5 
Neighbor: Henry Murphy
Neighbor: Nathan Johnson
Neighbor: Haywood Merritt
Neighbor: Jesse Merritt
Neighbor: David Merritt
Neighbor: Salley Merritt
Neighbor: Daniel Merritt
(Buyer) Land13 April 1839John Balkcum; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; (see attached deed)
John Balkcum [grandson of Hester Balkcum] sold land to Hester Balkcum for $1070. Hester within two years gave this land to her daughter Nancy Balkcum and grandson James Lucien Balkcum, a toddler, who was son of William L Robinson and Hester's daughter Mariah. It's not clear if this is the land Hester originally received on the death of her husband John Balkcom in 1803, and if so how grandson John Balkcum came into possession.
"... land lying near the waters of the Beaverdam Creek adjoining the land of Nathan Johnson's and Samuel? Johnson Jr ... tract ... beginning at ?? Rogers' old corner ... Scot's Branch ... along Rogers' old line to the Beaverdam Swamp thence up said swamp to the Horse Branch then up along a marked line to a little branch then across said branch to Matthew Pridgeon's line thence said line to the beginning containing 130 acres ..."
Witnesses Wm L. Robinson and John Bryan.17 
Census*1840not found 
Land*10 January 1841Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; (see attached deed, poor condition but partly readable)
Hester Balkcum sold 130 acres to "Nancy Balkcum her daughter and James Lucien Balkcum her grandson ... in consideration of the love and affection which she holds towards her said daughter Nancy and her [Hester's] grandson James Lucien ... in the ... consideration to her of the sum of one dollar... tract of land lying on the south side of Beaverdam Swamp and joining the lands of Nathan Johnson, heirs of Mathew Prigeon ... ?? Rogers old corner ... along Rogers' old line to the Beaverdam Swamp then along said swamp to the mouth of horse branch then ... to Little Branch ... for Nancy Balkcum to use during her life and on her death [to] James Lucien Balkcum ... Hester Balkcum to have the privilege of living on during her natural life ..."
Witnessed by Ruggels? Johnson and Richard? P. Johnson18
Buyer: Nancy Balkcum
Buyer: James Lucien Balkcum
Association*1843James Lucien Balkcum; James Lucien named in Hester's will as grandson 
Association*1843Harman Balkcum; Harman named in Hester's will as her grandson 
Association*1843William L. Robinson; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; Hester Balkcom named as executor in her will "my friend" William L. Robinson; Witnesses were Isaiah S. Robinson and Abner Robinson. 
Association*1843John Balkcum; John Balkcum was named in Hester Balkcum's will as her grandson 
Will*9 March 1843Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; Hester Balkcum will dated March 1843, proved May 1843. It names as beneficiaries "my daughter Nancy Balkcum" to receive 30 acres of land on the south side of Beaver Dam Swamp to include the house in which she now lives, "grandson James Lucien Balkcum (son of my daughter Mariah)" to receive the remainder of the land, about 100 acres. It provides miscellaneous household goods to "granddaughter Mary Ellen Johnson, daughter of my daughter Mariah", and token items (a bible each) to grandsons John Balkcum, Harman Balkcum, and Lemuel Balkcum. The executor was "my friend" William L. Robinson; Witnesses were Isaiah S. Robinson and Abner Robinson.19,1,2
Heir: Harman Balkcum
Heir: Nancy Balkcum
Heir: Mariah Balkcum
Heir: James Lucien Balkcum
Heir: Lemuel Balkcum
Heir: John Balkcum
Witness: Abner Robinson
Witness: Isaiah Robinson
Executor: William L. Robinson
Association*9 March 1843Abner Robinson; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; Abner Robinson was a witness to Hester Balkcum's will.19 
Association*9 March 1843Isaiah Robinson; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; Isaiah Robinson was a witness to Hester Balkcum's will.19 
Death*before May 1843Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; Hester's will was proven in the May 1843 court term20,1,2 


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Ilsey (?)1

#303, b. circa 1807
Last Edited13 Aug 2017


Ezekiel Mathews b. c 1806
Children 1.J. Mathews4 b. c 1835
 2.N. Mathews4 b. c 1837
 3.Aaron J. Mathews1 b. c 1840
 4.Benjamin F. Mathews+1 b. 24 Aug 1841, d. 18 Nov 1923
 5.M. Mathews5 b. c 1843
 6.Enoch Mathews1 b. bt 1843 - 1845
 7.Sarah A. Mathews1 b. bt 1846 - 1848
 8.Ezekiel Mathews1 b. bt 1848 - 1849
 9.Mathew Mathews b. c 1851
Birth*circa 1807Georgia, USA1 
Married NameMathews1 
Marriage*Ezekiel Mathews1 
(Resident) Census2 November 1850(Head of Household) Ezekiel Mathews, GA Crawford Co Census 1850; Division No. 20, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; [poor legibility, transcriptions for initials and age are a best guess]
"E. Mathews" male age 44, planter, born in Georgia, real estate $2500;
"A. Mathews", female age 42, born Georgia [certainly wife Ilsa but initial here seems to be A.];
"J. Mathews", male age 15;
"N. Mathews", male age 14;
"A. Mathews", male age 12;
"Benj. Mathews", male age 9;
"E. Mathews", male age 5 [may be Enoch age 17 in 1860, or Ezekiel age 12 in 1860, seems likely Enoch];
"M. Mathews", female age 7;
"S. A. Mathews", female age 2;
"E. Mathews" male age 1.
All children born in Georgia.
Nearby household Ezekiel Mathews born 1806.2 
(Witness) Census6 July 1860(Head of Household) Ezekiel Mathews, GA Crawford Co Census 1860; Knoxville District, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; "Ezekiel Mathews", farmer age 54, born in Georgia and living with his wife and 6 children. His real estate holdings are worth $3000 and his personal property is worth $6080;
"Ilsey Mathews" female age 53, born Georgia;
"Aaron J." male age 20, farm laborer;
"Benj" male age 19, farm laborer;
"Enoch" male age 17, farm laborer;
"Sarah A." female age 14;
"Ezekiel" male age 12;
"Mathew" male age 9
All the children were born in Georgia.
Nearby household was David (age 33) and Delphia Preston.3 


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Jane (?)1

#366, b. circa 1836
Last Edited31 Dec 2001


William A. Mathews b. c 1823
Children 1.John F. Mathews1 b. c 1858
 2.William H. Mathews1 b. 1860
Birth*circa 1836Georgia, USA1 
Married NameMathews1 
Marriage*William A. Mathews1 
(Resident) Census5 July 1860William A. Mathews, GA Crawford Co Census 1860; Knoxville District, household 381, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; "Wm A. Mathews", a 33 year old male, in household with wife and 2 young sons. They lived next to or possibly on the farm of James Mathews (age 65) and family, and adjacent to Moses Mathews (age 37) and 2 children.
"Jane", age 24, born Ga;
"John F." age 2, born Ga;
"Wm H." age 3 months, born Ga.1 


  1. [S13] Census, U.S. of 1860, Crawford County, Georgia, page 917., Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Jane (?)1

#1080, b. circa 1834
Last Edited4 Jul 2017
Birth*circa 1834South Carolina, USA1 
Married Nameafter 1850Baldwin1 
Marriage*after 1850W. H. Baldwin1 
Cen-Enum*15 June 1880AL Dale Co Census 1880; Beat No. 11, Dale County, Alabama, USA; age 46, wife of W. H., keeping house, born in South Carolina, both parents born in SC. Note Manda Rite age 44 also lived in household - sister of Jane?1 
Witness: W. H. Baldwin


  1. [S12] Census, U.S. of 1880, Dale Co, AL page 654D, HH172, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Jane (?)1,2

#1422, b. circa 1827
ChartsDescendants of Eleazer Galloway & Leaty Parrish
Last Edited11 Apr 2010


William E. Galloway b. c 1828, d. b 1864
Child 1.James Eleazor Galloway b. 1849, d. 9 Jan 1891
Birth*circa 1827Georgia, USA1 
Married Namecirca 1849Galloway3 
Marriage*circa 1849William E. Galloway; USA; W. E. Galaway and Jane Galaway, and child Elly, lived in 1850 in the household of Anna Parrish age 70. W. E. Galaway was listed as having married within the year.1 
(Resident) Census2 November 1850Anna Parrish, AL Henry Co Census 1850; Southern District, HH #961, Henry County, Alabama, USA; Household was next to Eleazer Galloway family.
Complete household:
"Anna Parrish", age 70, born in SC;
"WE Galaway", male age 22, farmer, born in Alabama, married within the year, attended school within the year;
"Jane Galaway", age 23, born in Georgia;
"Elly Galaway", male age 4, born in Alabama.

WE Galloway is William E. Galloway, Eleazer and Leaty Galloway's son, living with Leaty's older sister Anna Parrish. The young boy Elly appears to be listed as age 4 (legibility) but I suspect this is a census error and he is really a baby and son of the recently married WE and Jane, and is named after his grandfather Eleazer who at times went by Elly.1 


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  3. [S14] Census, U.S. of 1850, Henry County, Alabama, page 444B of original census, Ancestry.com.

Jane (?)1

#2199, b. circa 1801
Last Edited29 Jan 2005


James Matthews b. c 1801
Children 1.Charles Matthews1 b. c 1837
 2.Anderson Matthews1 b. c 1839
 3.Mary Matthews1 b. c 1842
 4.James Matthews1 b. c 1843
 5.Susan Matthews1 b. c 1845
 6.Emily Matthews1 b. c 1848
 7.Thomas Matthews1 b. c 1858
Name VariationMathews 
Birth*circa 1801Georgia, USA1 
Married Namesay 1820Matthews1 
Marriage*say 1820James Matthews1 
(Resident) Census23 August 1860James Matthews, AL Dale Co Census 1860; Newton Post Office, hh#1051, Dale County, Alabama, USA; "James Matthews" head of household, age 59, farmer, real estate $500, personal $1000, born in Georgia;

"Jane (possibly June) Matthews", age 59, born in Georgia;
"Charles Matthews", age 23, farm laborer, born in Georgia;
"Anderson Matthews", age 21, born in Georgia;
"James Matthews", age 17, born in Alabama;
"Mary Matthews", age 18, born in Georgia;
"Susan Matthews", age 15, born in Alabama;
"Emily Matthews", age 12, born in Alabama;
"Thomas Matthews", age 2, born in Alabama;
"Chloe Matthews", female age 99, born in South Carolina.1 


  1. [S13] Census, U.S. of 1860, Dale County, Alabama, census page 654, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Jane P. (?)1

#417, b. circa 1820
Last Edited24 Dec 2000


James Murphy b. c 1811
Children 1.Henry Murphy1 b. c 1842
 2.Morgan Murphy1 b. c 1844
 3.Missouri Murphy1 b. c 1848
 4.Amanda Murphy1 b. c 1849
 5.Demarius Murphy1 b. c 1854
 6.Emeline Murphy1 b. c 1856
 7.Charicus Murphy1 b. c 1858
Birth*circa 1820Georgia, USA1 
Marriage*James Murphy; USA1 
Cen-Enum*30 July 1860AL Dale Co Census 1860; Newton Post Office, Dale County, Alabama, USA; 40 years old, in a household with her husband and 7 children.1 
Witness: James Murphy


  1. [S13] Census, U.S. of 1860, Dale County, Alabama, p.582, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.

Kitty (?)1,2,3

#895, b. circa 1780
Last Edited11 Mar 2010


Child 1.Esther M. Mashburn+1,2,3 b. s 1809
Birth*circa 1780North Carolina, USA1,2,3 
Married NameMashburn 
(Resident) Census21 November 1850Wiley Balkcom, Esther M. Mashburn; Southern Division, Dale County, Alabama, USA; "Wiley Balkum", head, age 51, farmer, born North Carolina, real estate value $75;
"Esther M. Balkum", age 41, born in North Carolina, read/write no;
"Josiah Balkum", age 20, farm laborer, born in North Carolina;
"Anna J. Balkum", age 18, born in North Carolina;
"James K. Balkum", age 16, born in North Carolina, farm laborer, attending school;
"Elizabeth Balkum", age 14, attending school, born in Georgia;
"Mitchell Balkum", age 11, attending school, born in Georgia;
"Harriet Balkum", age 9, born in Georgia, attending school;
"Madison L. Balkum", age 6, male, born in Georgia;
"Martha Balkum", age 3, born in Alabama;
"Ritty Mashburn", female age 70, born in North Carolina.1 
(Resident) Census18 July 1860Wiley Balkcom, Esther M. Mashburn; Newton, Dale County, Alabama, USA; "Wiley Balkcom", head age 62, farmer, real estate $2000, personal $489, born NC;
"Esther M. Balkcom", age 57, born in North Carolina;
"Victoria E. Balkcom", age 23, attending school, born GA;
"John M. Balkcom", age 21, farm laborer, born GA;
"Madison L. Balkcom", age 16, farm laborer, born GA
"Harriett Balkcom", age 19, attending school, born GA
"Mary M. Balkcom", age 7, attending school born AL;
"Rity Mashburn", female age 80, born NC (Esther's mother).4 


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  2. [S46] Jr. Banks McLaurin, Charles Van Baucom and Louanna M. Bawcom, compiler, The Baucom Families in the United States (Baucum, Bawcom, Baughcom, Balcombe, Balcom, Balkcom, etc.) (Lake Village, AR: Burney Bawcom, 1978). Hereinafter cited as Baucom Family Book.
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L. F. (?)1

#1122, b. circa 1832
Last Edited31 Dec 2001
Birth*circa 1832Georgia, USA1 
Married Namecirca 1849Mathews1 
Marriage*circa 1849B. W. Mathews1 
Cen-Enum*16 August 1850GA Crawford Co Census 1850; Division No. 20, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; age 18 female born in Georgia.1 
Witness: B. W. Mathews


  1. [S14] Census, U.S. of 1850, GA, Crawford Co p 391B hh 159, Ancestry.com, Provo, Utah.