US 1790 Census

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Father*US Census
Comment*age categories: # free white males 16&up, # under 16; # free white females; # slave; #other persons 

US 1800 Census

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Father*US Census
Comment*abcde fghij kl: m,f <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, >45; k other free; l # slaves 

US 1810 Census

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Father*US Census
Comment*age categories 0-9, 10-15, 16-25, 26-44, 45&up; #other free except Indian; # slave 

US 1820 Census

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Father*US Census
Comment*age categories: u10, 10-15, 16-17, 18-25, 26-44, 45 and up. Slaves u14, 14-25, 26-44, 45&up. Free of color same as slave. 
Census*1820Hester (?); Duplin County, North Carolina, USA; female of Hester's approximate age was counted in the household of William Balkcom, who may have been Hester's son from before her marriage to John Balkcom (deceased), or he may be Wiley Balkcom, John's son.1 
Neighbor: Edward Bowen
Neighbor: Lewis Bowen


  1. [S144] Census, U.S. of 1820, Duplin County, NC, Maryland Historical Society.

US 1830 Census

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Father*US Census
Comment*age categories: free: u5, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70-79, 80-89, 90-99, 100&up. Slaves in categories. 
Census*1830William Balkcom; not found 
Cen-Enum*1830Mary Eliza Balkcum; may be the female under 5 in grandmother Hester Balkcom's household 

US 1840 Census

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Father*US Census
Cen-Enum*1840Mary Eliza Balkcum; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; probably one of the females under 10 in mother Nancy's household1 
Cen-Enum*1840Margaret Balkcum; likely one of the females age 5-10 in Nancy Balkcom's household 
Cen-Enum*1840Mary Balkcum; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; probably one of the females under 10 in mother Nancy's household1 


  1. [S15] Census, U.S. of 1840, Sampson County, NC, ancestry image page 7 of 98,, Provo, Utah.

US 1850 Census

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Father*US Census
Cen-Enum*1850Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; may be the 21 year old female appearing in the household of Lemuel Balkcom. Both Lemuel and Elizabeth are grandchildren of Hester Balkcom.1 
Census*12 August 1850Lemuel Balkcum; Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; "Lemuel Balkcom" head, male age 29, laborer, born NC, $500 real estate owned, not read/writing. In the household:
"Jemiah", female age 27, born NC;
"James", age 8, born NC;
"Elanda", female age 5, born NC;
"Tina", female age 4, born NC (not found in later census);
"Elizabeth", female age 21, born NC. I take this to be Eliza Balkcum, probable 1st cousin or possibly sister of Lemuel.

The adjacent household was Adam Sellers, Jr. and Jemima Sellers, both age 50, unknown relationship if any to "Jemiah". Also Abram Sellers age 70, Daniel Bowen age 37 and family, Needham Merritt, Jonathon Parker, several other Merritts (land sale w/John Balkcum)2 
Resident: William James Balkcum
Resident: Jemima Rackley
Resident: Electa Balkcum
Resident: Mary Eliza Balkcum
Resident: Tina Balkcom
Cen-Head*14 August 1850William Murphy; Southern District, hh#107, Sampson County, North Carolina, USA; "Wm Murphy", male age 43, born NC farmer real estate assets $2000. In the household were :
"Mary", age 27, born NC;
"Sabra", female age 8, born NC;
"Harper", male age 4, born NC;
"Lucelia", female age 2, born NC.
Only Lemuel is entered in this database.3 


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  2. [S14] Census, U.S. of 1850, Southern District, hh#75, Sampson County, NC, page 857, stamped pg 430,
  3. [S14] Census, U.S. of 1850, Sampson County, NC, page 862, stamped pg 432,

US 1870 Census

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Father*US Census

US 1880 Census

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Father*US Census

US 1890 Census

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Father*US Census

US 1900 Census

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Father*US Census

Family 2

Child 1.FL Holmes Co Census 1900

US 1910 Census

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Father*US Census
Census*11 May 1910Ambrose Brantley Balkcom; Florala, Beat #9, ED 52, Sheet 39A, hh#794, Covington County, Alabama, USA; "Ambrose E. Balcom", age 36, married for 14 years, farmer, farm owner, born Alabama, parents born Alabama.

Complete Household:
"Mary A.", wife, age 40, married for 14 years, 5 children born, 3 living now, born Alabama, parents born Alabama;
"George W.", son age 10, born Alabama, parents born Alabama;
"Thos J.", son age 8, born Alabama, parents born Alabama;
"Sabra V. L.", daughter age 6, born Alabama, parents born Alabama.1 
Resident: Mary Ann Woodham
Resident: George W. Balkcom
Resident: Thomas James Balkcom


  1. [S300] Census, U.S. of 1910, Covington County, AL, ED 52, census sheet 39A,, Provo, Utah.

US 1920 Census

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Father*US Census
Census*9 February 1920Ambrose Brantley Balkcom; Precinct 22, ED 67, Sheet 1, hh#5, Covington County, Alabama, USA; "Ambrose Balcom", head, age 46, married, farmer, renting, born Alabama, parents born Alabama.

Complete household:
"Mollie", wife, age 48, born Alabama, parents born Alabama;
"Thomas J.", son age 18, born Alabama, parents born Alabama.1 
Resident: Mary Ann Woodham
Resident: Thomas James Balkcom


  1. [S195] Census, U.S. of 1920, Covington County, AL, ED 67,, Provo, Utah.

Elizabeth Childtree1

#2343, b. 14 May 1869, d. 30 November 1906
Last Edited15 Apr 2008
Birth*14 May 1869Dale County, Alabama, USA1 
Marriage*Patrick McLain Preston1 
Married NamePreston1 
Progeny*Patrick McLain Preston; Erin, Sam1 
Death*30 November 19061 

Ardella Clark1

#920, b. 9 June 1882
ChartsDescendants of Hester Balkcom
Last Edited7 Nov 2002


James Tarrell Balkcom b. 16 Jun 1876
Children 1.Carrie Balkcom1 b. 27 Dec 1906, d. 9 Dec 1907
 2.H. D. Balkcom2 b. 9 Dec 1907
Comment*daughter of Middleton and Lizzie Clark2 
Birth*9 June 18821,2 
Marriage*26 December 1904James Tarrell Balkcom1,2 
Married Namecirca 1905Balkcom1 


  1. [S46] Jr. Banks McLaurin, Charles Van Baucom and Louanna M. Bawcom, compiler, The Baucom Families in the United States (Baucum, Bawcom, Baughcom, Balcombe, Balcom, Balkcom, etc.) (Lake Village, AR: Burney Bawcom, 1978). Hereinafter cited as Baucom Family Book.
  2. [S226] Mrs. Marvin Scott, History of Henry County, Alabama (, Page 154; Pensacola, FL: Frank R. Parkhurst & Son Printing, 1961).

Elizabeth Jane Clark1,2,3

#69, b. circa 1798, d. between 1871 and 1880
ChartsAncestors of Euel Balkcom
J Balkcom Tree (Paternal) - Ancestors of Euel Balkcom
Descendants of James Preston & Elizabeth Jane Clark
Last Edited3 Sep 2017
Relationship2nd great-grandmother of Euel E. Balkcom


James Preston b. c 1797, d. 5 Dec 1863
Marriage*before 1826James Preston; England; Possibly England where their first child was born but no direct evidence.4,2,1 
Children 1.David Preston+2 b. 1826
 2.Nancy Ann Preston+2,1 b. 1828, d. Aug 1900
 3.John Washington Preston+2 b. 1830, d. 2 Oct 1906
 4.Jane Preston2 b. c 1836
Journal*James Preston; James Preston and Elizabeth Ann Clark are the earliest known Preston and Clark ancestors of the Oklahoma Balkcom/Baldwin families and are the most recent immigrant ancestors. James and Elizabeth were born in Ireland in around 1797-98. By 1826 they lived in Carlisle, England and in 1832 they emigrated to America with their children ages 6, 4, and 2, arriving at Whitehall, New York on Lake Champlain in August 1832. By 1836 they lived in Crawford County, Georgia near relatives from England and Ireland. Sometime after 1856 they moved to Dale County, Alabama where some of their adult children lived.

The earliest records found for James and Ann are Christenings of their children at Carlisle St. Mary Church (Church of England) in Carlisle, England between 1826 and 1830. While James and Ann were born in Ireland, they were Protestants and so more likely than not their parents were first or second generation English or Scot settlers in Ireland. They may be been among those encouraged or granted land, often confiscated from local Irish owners, by the English crown to settle in Ireland. 
Birth*circa 1798Ireland; Note: birthdate is based on census information that lists her as 52 in 1850 and 63 in 1860 and states she was born in Ireland.2,1 
Marriage*before 1826James Preston; England; Possibly England where their first child was born but no direct evidence.4,2,1 
Married NamePreston2,1 
Immigration*August 1832James Preston; Whitehall, New York, USA; James and Elizabeth Preston lived in Carlisle, Cumberland, England for at least six years where they had three children. In 1832, with children ages 6, 4, and 2, they migrated to the U.S., arriving at Whitehall, New York in August of that year according to James' later oath of loyalty associated with application for U. S. citizenship. They likely went directly on to Georgia where others of the Preston family were established.

There appear to be no surviving records of immigrants arriving at Whitehall and in fact records may not have been kept. According to the Whitehall Historical Society, "Whitehall is mentioned quite often as a "port of entry" early in the 19th century but we have found no records here. ... Many immigrants stopped in Whitehall only to change transportation from lake to canal or coach on their way to other areas." It may be that immigrants listed Whitehall as the entry point because it was their first land stop in the U.S. Without knowing the specifics for the Preston family, in general Canada was a favored immigration route for families from Ireland and England who wanted to resettle in Canada or the U.S. Among other factors, the route through Canada was less expensive due to tariffs that England placed on fares to U.S. ports, intended to encourage settlement of British Canada while discouraging further U.S. settlement.

European immigrants to Canada would most often arrive at Quebec City where they would transfer to river steamboats. Several steamboat companies operated between Quebec City and Montreal, ferrying passengers to Montreal, and carrying cargo intended for export back to Quebec. One with some surviving records was the St. Lawrence Steamboat Company but a search of their records does not show Prestons traveling on their ships in 1832. From Montreal, travelers could take a coach south to the nearest navigable point on Lake Champlain on the Richeleau River at Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. There they could board a steamboat (from a company such as the Lake Champlain Steamboat Company) to Whitehall, New York at the southern tip of Lake Champlain. From Whitehall travelers could travel by stagecoach or canal boat to Albany and the Hudson River and further to New York City.

In his book American Notes, Charles Dickens journals his travels through America in 1842, and describes in some detail the trip from Montreal to Whitehall as well as his experience on a steamboat carrying immigrants from Quebec City to Montreal.2,5,6 
Immigrant: David Preston
Immigrant: Nancy Ann Preston
Immigrant: John Washington Preston
(Resident) Census6 November 1850(Head of Household) James Preston; Division No. 20, household 588, Crawford County, Georgia, USA; "Jas Preston" age 53, born Ireland, planter,real estate $2000;
"Elizabeth Preston" age 52, born Ireland;
"David Preston" age 23, born England, planter;
"D Preston" female age 22, born Georgia (Delphia, wife of their son David);
"Jno Preston" male age 19 (age barely legible but most likely 19), born England, planter;
"Jane Preston" age 15, born Georgia;
"R Caswell" m age 21, born Georgia [note: Possibly a hired hand. A year later, in 1851, he married Jane Preston who would then have been age 16.]
They lived next to the household of Mary Mathews.7 
Residence*after 1856James Preston; Echo, Dale County, Alabama, USA; Between 1856 and 1860 James and Elizabeth moved from Crawford County, Georgia.1,2 
(Resident) Census18 July 1860(Head of Household) James Preston; Newton Post Office, hh#404, Dale County, Alabama, USA; "James Preston" age 63, born in Ireland;
"Elizabeth Preston", age 63, born in Ireland.
The adjacent household was their daughter Nancy Mathews. Other census details - land value $845, property $4400, reported as not reading/writing [not correct, James signed legal documents as early as 1850].8 
(Witness) Death5 December 1863James Preston; Echo, Dale County, Alabama, USA; not found in census of 18709,3 
(Resident) Census28 July 1870(Head of Household) Nancy Ann Preston, AL Dale Co Census 1870; Echo, Dale County, Alabama, USA; Nancy was living with 19 year old J.T. Matthews (assume this is her son) and M.E. Lisenby (assume this is her daughter Mary E. who is listed as 17) and Mary's husband Joshua Lisenby aged 18. Also living in the house is Elizabeth Preston (Nancy's mother) born in Ireland. Nancy was listed with real estate valued at $200. and personal assets of $400. Birthplace was listed as England, and blocks were checked for her father and mother being of foreign birth.10 
Death*between 1871 and 1880Dale County, Alabama, USA3 


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Middleton B. Clark1

#2425, b. 29 June 1854, d. 5 May 1932
Last Edited4 Oct 2009
Birth*29 June 18541 
Marriage*24 March 1881Mary Elizabeth Judah; Dale County, Alabama, USA1 
Death*5 May 19321 


  1. [S185] Lydia Hughes Grimes, Dale County, Alabama Kin (; Lagrange, GA: Family Tree, 1984), Library of Congress.

Thomas J. G. Clark1

#2689, b. circa 1807
Last Edited18 Dec 2017
Birth*circa 1807Georgia, USA1 
(Head of Household) Census*1 September 1870(Resident) Elizer (?); 4th Precinct, Henry County, Alabama, USA; "Thos J G Clark", head, age 63, farmer, born Georgia;
"Elizer Clark", age 61, born Georgia;
"Aurelius Clark", female age 19, born Alabama;
"Nancy Balkum", age 32, born Georgia (likely the widow of John William Balkcom and assumed daughter of Thomas and Elizer Clark);
"Mary E Balkum", age 11 (assumed Nancy's daughter);
"Olivia J Balkum", age 8, (assumed Nancy's daughter), born Alabama;
"James Smith", age 16, born Alabama;
"Susan Benton", age 18, born Alabama;
"William Smith", age 11, born Alabama.1 
Resident: Nancy (?)
Resident: Mary E. Balkcom
Resident: Olivia J. Balkcom


  1. [S11] Census, U.S. of 1870, Henry County, Alabama, Precinct 4, Census Page 11,, Provo, Utah.

James Clyburn1

#2035, b. before 1840
Last Edited10 Jan 2004
Birth*before 1840date a guess1 


  1. [S227] John Carroll Skinner Genealogical Collection, citing paper "in Mrs. Smith's possession", Compiler John Carroll Skinner, Old Darlington District Chapter of The South Carolina Genealogical Society, Hartsville Genealogical Research Library, Hartsville, SC.