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Y-DNA Haplogroup:     R-DF63

Mitochondrial Haplogroup mtDNA:     T2b


I have tested with four genealogical DNA companies





If you have tested and would like to share results please contact me.

Soliciting - male or female testers!

Considering testing?  I can advise on what DNA could tell you, which tests are appropriate, and cost.  One of the most popular tests is under $100.

I hope to find more testers among descendants of families from Sampson County, North Carolina, or of adjacent Duplin County, North Carolina.  Some families from this region of the state who are of great interest:

- Balkcom (some descendants may be in southern Alabama and northern Florida)

- Balkcum (some descendants may be in Sampson or Duplin County North Carolina)

- Merritt (some descendants are found in Georgia)

- Bowen (some descendants are found in Georgia)

If you are a descendant of any of these families, or wonder if you may be, please consider testing.  In particular, Y-DNA testing (males only) in these lines could have a great impact on working out the earliest ancestry.  Autosomal DNA testing (females or males) is equally important for more recent ancestry. 

I expecially encourage current Balkcum, Balkcom, Merritt, or Bowen males who descend in an unbroken male line from some of the North Carolina people to consider Y-DNA testing.  This test is more costly, possibly in excess of $200.  I can in some cases help with that.