Given the frontier conditions in much of the U.S. before 1800, paper records are often sparse and dna is one of the few tools to trace ancestry further back.  Several members of the families researched on this site have participated in genealogic dna testing.  I welcome other testers, male or female.

I particularly look for tests of descendants of families from Sampson County, North Carolina, or of adjacent Duplin County, North Carolina.  Some families from this region of the state who are of great interest:

- Balkcom (some descendants may be in southern Alabama and northern Florida)

- Balkcum (some descendants may be in Sampson or Duplin County North Carolina)

- Merritt (some descendants are found in Georgia)

- Bowen

Male or female testers are welcome.  If you are interested in testing but are deterred by the cost (for many tests under $100), please let me know and I will help determine if your family line is one of interest, and if so I will likely help with cost.

A major interest is y-dna testing to assist in tracing Balkcom and other paternal lines.  These tests are for male lines only, so current Balkcum, Balkcom, Merritt, or Bowen males who descend in an unbroken male line from some of the North Carolina people are encouraged to test.

The big three genetic genealogy test companies: