Some general sources for this research, not always identified in individual records:

Balkcom cousin Lola (Wells) McTaggart researched many of these families extensively and developed a Balkcom/Baldwin family tree, in some lines going back to the early 1800s.  She passed her work to my brother Don, who extended it and passed it to my wife Pat who did much more research and committed it all to a genealogy database linking all the family.  They deserve the major credit but are not named in individual records because I have since used original sources.

Balcomb, Frank W. 1942.  A First Book of the Balcombe Family.  Peabody, Massachusetts: The Fraedy Press.

Fairweather, Leslie. 1981. Balcombe, The Story of a Sussex Village. Balcombe, Sussex, England: Balcombe Parish Council.

McLaurin, Banks, Jr., Charles Van Baucom, and Louanna M. Bawcom.  1978.  The Baucom Families in the United States.  Searcy, Arkansas: Burney E. Bawcom.







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