Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, c1925


Welcome!   My name is Patricia (Monogue) Balkcom and this site is a compilation of my research of the ancestors of my paternal grandfather, Thomas John Mathew Monogue who was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (08 February 1898) and died there on 31 March 1969.  All of Thomas's ancestors migrated from Ireland, except for his paternal grandmother who came from southern England.  Also, in case anyone might have interest, I have a separate website on my grandmother, the wife of Thomas John Mathew Monogue, Catherine Cassin from Valcartier, Quebec.  It can be found at

This chart shows the ancestral line that I currently know.          


Mathew Minogue, Thomas's grandfather, was from County Kilkenney and as a young man, he enlisted in the British Army.  While stationed in England, he met his wife, Ann Carter.  In the 1860s, he transferred to the Royal Canadian Rifles and they emigrated to Canada where he was stationed in Quebec City.  Upon his retirement from the army, they moved to London, Ontario.  Mathew's son, Thomas Henry, relocated to Hamilton, Ontario and many of the Monogue descendants still live there today.  It was Thomas Henry who changed the Irish spelling of the name Minogue to Monogue as family tradition states that he did not like his friends using the nickname, "Mini".

Luke Gibbons was born about 1780 in the northwestern Irish County of Mayo.  He had three sons who emigrated to Ontario in the early 1830s.  It was Thomas's maternal great-grandfather, Patrick, who became one of the oldest settlers of King Township (now the Newmarket area outside of Toronto.)

The O'Callaghan family also hailed from County Mayo and John O'Callaghan and his sons became prosperous merchants in Ingersoll, Ontario.  Many of the O'Callaghan descendants eventually left Ontario for the Detroit area of Michigan.

This is just a short introduction to our family, please explore the other pages at your leisure.