Edward McLaughlin, Husband of Ann Martin


By Patricia Balkcom

June, 2016


This is a follow-up report to previous research that I wrote on the McLaughlin families of Valcartier, Quebec.


In the timeline below, I have summarized what I have learned about Edward McLaughlin and his children.  However, I would first like to present information about two individuals who I believe are also possibly children of Edward.  I think the evidence is fairly strong that Winifred is his daughter, so I have included her in the timeline.  I do not have as much evidence to support my idea that Mathew is also the son of Edward, so I have not listed him in the timeline.


Support for Winifred (wife of James Thomas Loughren)[1] being the daughter of Edward Mclaughlin and Ann Martin of Sligo County, Ireland[2]:

1.      Birthdate – When Winifred died on May 2, 1914[3], the church burial record stated she was 88.  This would put her birthdate as about 1826 which is in the correct timeframe that Edward and Ann were having children.

2.      Possible Witness at a Wedding – When Sarah McLaughlin, daughter of Edward McLaughlin and Ann Martin, married Andrew Blakely in 1850[4]; the church marriage record appears to state that the witness was “Winny McLaughlin, sister of the bride”.  The writing is not completely clear though for the word “Winny”.

3.      Marriage of her Daughter – Winifred’s daughter, Catherine, married George Phillip Hogan, Esq. in 1859[5].  That marriage record states that George was from Peterboro, Queen’s County, New Brunswick.  Edward and three of his daughters were living in “Petersville”, Queen’s County, NB at this time so that shows that Winifred’s family had some connection with the McLaughlins in that town.

4.      Names of her Children – Winifred had nine children.  My hypothesis is that the children were named after the following people: 

                   Ann  - for Ann Martin (who I propose is Winifred’s mother)

                   Henry – for Henry Loughren, Winifred’s father-in-law

                   Elizabeth – for Winifred’s mother-in-law

                   Edward – for Edward McLaughlin (who I propose is Winifred’s father)

                   Catherine – for daughter of Edward McLaughlin (who I propose is Winifred’s sister)

                   Rosanna – for daughter, Rose, of Edward McLaughlin (who I propose is Winifred’s sister)

                   Sarah – for daughter of Edward McLaughlin (who I propose is Winifred’s sister)

                   James Thomas – for Winifred’s husband, James Thomas Loughren

                   Patrick – for son of Edward McLaughlin (who I propose is Winifred’s brother)

5.       Confusion – The confusion surrounding the parentage of Winifred occurs because her marriage record[6] states that she is the daughter of “Mathew and Mary McLaughlin of the parish”.  There has never been a listing found during this time period for a Mathew McLaughlin in the Valcartier church or census records other than on this one occasion.  I think it is possible that the priest made a mistake in writing this.  I do think that Winifred, if she was the daughter of Edward and Ann, had siblings named Mary ( for sure) and Mathew (possibly).  Of course, it is still troubling that we can’t prove this definitively.  I have recently looked at Catholic Church records for Ahmlish in Ireland where Edward supposedly came from and I cannot find any baptisms or marriages for this family.


Thoughts about Mathew McLaughlin:  First of all, why did some of Edward and Ann McLaughlin’s children leave Quebec and go to New Brunswick?  I think that Sarah, Edward’s daughter, met Andrew Blakely and they moved to Petersville.  Although the 1851 Census for this area has not survived, it appears from gravestones in St. Ignatius Catholic Cemetery in Petersville that there were other Blakely individuals who were born around the same time as Andrew and were therefore possibly his siblings.  I have no information though as to why Andrew was in Valcartier in 1850.  Unfortunately, because the 1851 Census did not survive, it is difficult to know when exactly Mathew McLaughlin arrived in the area.  He is listed in the 1861 Census[7] living a few houses away from Catherine McLaughlin and her husband James O’Neill and in the 1881 Census he is living with Sarah McLaughlin & her husband Andrew Blakely.  Unfortunately relationships between people were not provided in this Census.  The three Censuses (1861, 1881[8] and 1891[9]) all would indicate that he was born about 1819 or 1820 while his death record indicates 1817-18.  Unfortunately the marriage date of Edward McLaughlin and Ann Martin has not been found but it appears that Edward was in his late 30s when the first child with Ann Martin that we are aware of (Catherine) was born. I think there are three possibilities as to Mathew’s relationship to this family - 

1.      Edward had been married before he married Ann Martin and Mathew was a son of that marriage. 

2.      Edward and Ann were his parents and there were other children born between Mathew and Catherine’s births that we are not aware of.

3.      He is a cousin to the family.

I still have that nagging in the back of my mind though….why was the name “Mathew” given in Winifred’s marriage record?


This is the time line for Edward’s life:





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