Valcartier - St. Andrew Presbyterian Cemetery (Church of Scotland)

Photographed August 15, 2011 by Patricia Balkcom; File name transcriptions by Patrick Keily

(File Name Explanation: Photographs were taken starting in front of the chapel and then moving to the right. The first
photo taken will have #001 in the file name. The main surname on the stone will be listed in the file name. If a second
surname was listed on the stone - such as a wife's maiden name - then a copy of the stone was made and renamed with the new surname
and an alphabetical letter added to file name. For example - the stone named Billing061a.jpg means that this was the
61st photograph taken in the cemetery. That will help you see which stones are adjacent to one another in the cemetery.
If there is a "small" letter following the number that indicates there is another surname on the stone.
A copy of the stone was made and filed under that surname. In the example given, there are two surnames on this stone - Leddy and Billing.
So the files are labelled Leddy061 and Billing061a.
a a1 Aikens007 Aikens009 Aikens010 Aikens102a
Aikens111b (2) Aikens111b Armstrong073 Armstrong120a Arthurson027 Bebbington154a
Berry058a Billing016c Billing054 Billing061a Billing134 Bills130b