Valcartier - St. Andrew's United Cemetery

Photographed August 17, 2011 by Patricia Balkcom; File name transcriptions by Patrick Keily
(File Name Explanation: Photographs were taken starting in front of the chapel and then moving to the right. The first
photo taken will have #001 in the file name. The main surname on the stone will be listed in the file name. If a second
surname was listed on the stone - such as a wife's maiden name - then a copy of the stone was made and renamed with the new surname
and an alphabetical letter added to file name. For example - the stone titled Brown088 - means that this was the
88th photograph taken in the cemetery. His wife, Etna McCartney, is also listed on the stone. A second copy of the photo was made and
renamed McCartney088a. This was done so that someone looking for a Broom stone could find it in the alphabetical list.)

a1 a2 a3 Atwood114
Banning017a Banning025a Banning092 Beck036
Billing051a Boyd011a Boyd019a Boyd071a
Brown007a Brown088 Burns038 Chretien078a

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