Valcartier - St. Gabriel Catholic Cemetery

Photographed June 11, 2012 by Patricia Balkcom
(File Name Explanation: Photographs were taken starting in very back, left hand section of the older part of the cemetery
and then moving to the right to the end of the row and then begin again on the far left of the 2nd row.. The first photo taken will have
#001 in the file name. The main surname on the stone will be listed in the file name. If a second surname was listed on the stone - such
as a wife's maiden name - then a copy of the stone was made and renamed with the new surname and an alphabetical letter added to
file name. For example - the first stone listed is Abraham042a. That means that this was the 42nd photograph taken in the cemetery.
The main surname on this stone is Liddy - so it was named Liddy042. A duplicate was then made and renamed Abraham042a for his wife
who is also listed on the stone. This procedure was used so that someone looking for either or Abraham or Liddy stone could
find it in the alphabetical list.

a1 a2OldPicture Abraham042a Adam167 Adams128
Adams129a Adams137a Aikens234a Arbour211a Arseneau275b
Asselin206a Atkins166 Ayotte279 Babin157a Barry079a
Barry081 Bateman238 Beauregard157a Bedard039 Bedard070a

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