Halesboro Christ Church Anglican Cemetery 

           Taken from an article in the Montreal Gazette, 25 June 1992 by Hilda Kearns

        You won't find Halesboro on any road map, but once a year people, gather in this deserted village, 9 kilometres north of Portneuf on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, to honour our forbearers in a memorial service at the little church on the hill, which comes to life for the day.

        The early settlers came to Halesboro in the early years of the 19th century; they were married there, baptized there, and now rest in the churchyard.  This year's get-together has an added importance because it's the 150th anniversary of the tiny church as a place of worship.  The church was built in 1842, and for years before that, travelling priests ministered to Anglicans of the area.       

        The annual service in Christ Church takes place in the last week of June. The Church is located by a densely wooded area known as "la route d'Irlande" by the French Residents of the early 1800's.  That the church continues to exist is a tribute to the tenacity of the residents of Portneuf and Portneuf Station, two separate municipalities.  An impressive stone fence, separating the church and its cemetery from the road, was built with contributions from interested families from many different cities.

        The little church, the oldest building of wood construction in the area, can with luck seat about 60 people.  For the 150th anniversary, it was standing room only - including in the tent outside - as upwards of 200 people attended.

        In the cemetery next to the church are graves of soldiers who settled in Canada after completing terms of service under Governor James Murray in the late 1700's.  The church and cemetery are on land donated by Edward  Hale, the first English seignior of Portneuf.  His father, General John Hale, served with Wolfe, and his sons played a prominent role in the development of Portneuf county, Quebec City and the Eastern Townships.

        In the late 1860's, there was a major shift in population as it became clear that subsistence farming on marginal land, even though supplemented by cash tree crops from bush lots, could no longer support the rural community of Halesboro.  This demographic shift deprived the Church of its congregation.  The arrival of the railroad provided new mobility for the population and many of the young people  moved south to the pulp and textile mills in the "Boston states".


Update:  Sadly, this church burned to the ground in October 24, 2005.







Transcribed 1996, by D. Clark McIntosh


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Jess, James 1877   1953 Halesboro Cemetery   Richardson, Charlotte                    
Jess, Levi 1886   1950 Halesboro Cemetery   Gauthier, Diana                    
Jess, James 1829 Est.   1917 Jul 31 Halesboro Cemetery He was 88 yrs old, she was 73 yrs. Matthews, Caroline 1843 Est. 1916 May 24                
Tomlinson, James       Halesboro Cemetery   Jess, Alice 1883 1929                
Meehan, Arthur A. 1890   1969 Halesboro Cemetery   Meehan, Iris E. 1891 1982       Edwin  b. 1915  d. 1934        
Ball, Edith F. 1898   1966 Halesboro Cemetery                        
Ball, Lynus E. 1895   1970 Halesboro Cemetery                        
Ball, Edward 1865   1936 Halesboro Cemetery                        
Gorrie, James 1841 Est.   1883 Apr 30 Halesboro Cemetery He was 42 years old                      
Johnston, Irvine       Halesboro Cemetery   Watson, Christian 1857 1887                
Dodd, Chas. E. 1833 ?   1898 ? Halesboro Cemetery Hard to read stone Dodd, Mary 1842 1895                
Walsh       Halesboro Cemetery Hard to read.  I think she was 54 years old. Mondo, Elizabeth   1911 May 05       Precious Walsh  died Nov 8, 1911 (16years)        
Watson, Peter     1857 Jun 08 Halesboro Cemetery I think he was 66y, & she was 89 y - hard to read Watson, Elizabeth   1883 Jun 22       George or Georgina ???        
Marshall, Margaret Florence 1876 Aug 26   1943 Jun 08 Halesboro Cemetery Daughter of John Marshall                      
Marshall, Gladys Daisy 1890 Jun 19   1942 Nov 25 Halesboro Cemetery Daughter of John Marshall                      
Marshall, Olive Jane Ruth 1882 Est.   1921 Nov 24 Halesboro Cemetery 3rd daughter of John Marshall - she was 39 y,3m                      
Johnston, William       Halesboro Cemetery She was 36y and 6months old. Marshall, Murielle Mary   1915 Mar 17                
Marshall, John     1911 Mar 22 Halesboro Cemetery He was 66y, 5 mos.; she was 66y, 4m, 3 wks Reach, Elizabeth Lloyd   1920 Mar 17                
Kingsborough, Sakett       Halesboro Cemetery He was son of Isaac and Alice Gilpin, Ethel 1902 1964       Everett Kingsborough  b. 1922  d. 1943 Clifford Kingsborough b. 1926  d. 1976 ?      
Kingsborough, Esaac 1846   1934 Halesboro Cemetery               Isabel Kingsborough b. 1887  d. 1930        
Bonnalie, Alice 1854   1927 Halesboro Cemetery dear mother... Smith, Mary Ann.  She was 66 yrs 1876 Est. 1942 Mar 04                
Kingsborough, John 1880   1940 Halesboro Cemetery   Margaret                    
Gilpin, Thomas 1868   1942 Halesboro Cemetery She was not buried here Livingston, Eliza                    
Gilpin, John 1824 Apr   1917 Oct 01 Halesboro Cemetery Separate stones Caddoo, Eliza 1842 Est. 1898 Mar 17       William  b. 1860  d. 1915 Eliza  b. 1865  d. 1940 Almer  b. 1899  d. 1951    
Gilpin, Joseph     1915 May 13 Halesboro Cemetery Tall stone, but very hard to read.  Maybe 40 yrs.                      
Edgley, William       Halesboro Cemetery   Gilpin, Lillie 1906 1996                
Kingsborough, Clifford Edwin 1926 Jul 11   1975 Jan 03 Halesboro Cemetery   Kingsborough, Alice Roe 1924 Oct 09 1980 Apr 08                
White, Barbara Alice     1881 Mar 15 Halesboro Cemetery She was only 15y, 4m, 9d                      
Marshall       Halesboro Cemetery No other information                      
Meehan, James H.       Halesboro Cemetery His third wife. Berry, Mary Ann 1871 Feb 25 1942 Dec 24                
Meehan, John 1843 Est.   1892 Halesboro Cemetery He was 49 when died.                      
Meehan, James H. 1849 Oct 03   1923 Jul 03 Halesboro Cemetery Married a third time to Mary Ann Berry Ball, Elizabeth 1852 Mar 08 1886 Mar 27 Bonallie, Jessie 1869 Est. 1895 Apr 26 Cecil George b. Mar 30, 1895  d. Mar 13, 1979 Lillian Maud  b. Apr 8, 1893  d. Apr 15, 1916      
Williamson       Halesboro Cemetery Baby b May 23, 1881, d. Dec 28, 1881 Gillespie, Mary 1819 Est. 1887 Jan 12       Samuel b. Sep 17, 1860  d. May 3, 1879 Rachel b. Feb 12, 1869  d. May 6, 1879 Elizabeth b. Mar 11, 1871  d. Apr 25, 1879 Sarah b. Feb 26, 1873  d. Apr 13, 1879  
Matthews, John 1807 Est.   1866 Aug 13 Halesboro Cemetery HE was 59 and spouse was 95 years old Matthews, Mary Ann 1822 Est. 1917 Apr 11                
Thompson, Martha Ann 1799 Est.   1843 May 29 Halesboro Cemetery Erected by son James Thompson                      
Dalziel, C. John 1851   1886 Mar 14 Halesboro Cemetery He was either 74 yrs old or 34 years old at death. Ford, Jane Gray 1854 Apr 07 1934 Mar 07       J. Andrew Dalziel d. Feb 16, 1896? (19yrs) Gertrude Aime d. 1900 (19 yrs)      
Allsopp, James 1771 Est.   1848 Jul 27 Halesboro Cemetery paymaster of 44th reg of foot - d. in Cape Sante                      
Allsopp, Robert 1771 Est.   1843 Feb 17 Halesboro Cemetery Assistant commissionary gereral - he was 72 yrs Morris, Sarah 1777 Est. 1847 Apr 09                
McLeod, Daniel     1894 Jul 26 Halesboro Cemetery He was 50 or 58 years and 9 m., she was 64y, 7m McLeod, Margaret   1897 Mar 03       Annie J. McLeod d. Dec 10, 1886 (21y, 4m) Christina McLeod  d. Jun 7, 1893 (25y, 9m)   Christina the spouse of George Keeworth    
Ableson, Robert 1843 Est.   1896 Oct Halesboro Cemetery Stone very hard to read - dates maybe incorrect. Ableson, Sarah 1839 Est. 1899 Mar 22 Johnston, Maria 1852 1923          
Brown, Neilson     1891 Jan 05 Halesboro Cemetery He was 7 yrs and 9 months old                      
Cunningham, F.     1874 Aug 26 Halesboro Cemetery                        
Bishop, Thomas Parkyn     1901 Jan 02 Halesboro Cemetery He was 75 when died, spouse only 30 years old Webb, Ann   1860 Aug 06       Ann Webb Bishop d. Nov 3, 1864 (8 yrs) Emily Ann Bishop  d. Mar 24, 1877 (12 yrs)      
Bishop, George W.     1912 Mar 31 Halesboro Cemetery Not sure spouses death - hard to read Mondo, Emma M.   1870                
Bishop, Oliver Corinne 1906   1979 Halesboro Cemetery buried with parents                      
Bonnallie, Benjamin     1916 Jan 14 Halesboro Cemetery He was 91 years, she was 84 when died. Bonnallie, Sarah   1920 Apr 09                
Bonnallie, Archibald     1955 Apr 05 Halesboro Cemetery He was 83, she was 91 when died Kingsborough, Ellen   1974 Nov 26                
Jess, Charles Thomas     1960 Apr 27 Halesboro Cemetery Was 75 years at death.                      
Dalziel, Rev. John 1810 Est. Aberdeen, Scotland 1869 Juy 17 Halesboro Cemetery 20 yrs minister in Ch. of England.  Died at 59yrs Campbell, Mary Est. 1820 1906 Jun 10                
Campbell, John   Kirkudbright, Scotland 1871 Feb 26 Halesboro Cemetery Resided in Ormston, PQ for many yrs - d.at 85 yrs Thompson, Elizabeth                    
Dodd, James   New Ross, Ireland 1868 Feb 27 Halesboro Cemetery He died at Portneuf, PQ Dodd, Eliza Alice 1836 Sep 02 1854 May 21               New Ross, Ireland