1851 Census - St-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, Portneuf County, Quebec

The 1851 Census is sometimes referred to as the 1852 Census.  This is because the Census did not take place until January 11, 1852.  The enumerator ordered to count everyone who was in a particular house on that day or who would normally have been living there.  There was even a column named "Residence if Outside of Limits" which was to count travelers, lodgers, etc. who might be at the house that night.  Therefore, certain people may occur in two different censuses - where they were living and where they were visiting.

This census for Ste-Catherine is very important as the enumerator often gave the Irish County of birth.  This also occurred in the 1861 Census.

Many thanks to Audrey Henderson for her many hours of tedious work in doing these transcriptions.  When you click on these links, they will download as Excel sheets to your computer.

Ste-Catherine Page 1 - 20

Ste-Catherine Page 21 - 40

Ste-Catherine Page 41 - 60

Ste-Catherine Page 61 - 72