Lovell's Province of Quebec Directory for 1871





A small village in rear of Charlesbourg, seigniory of d'Orsainville and d'Epinay, Townships of Stoneham and Tewkesbury, county and district of Quebec. A good lumber business is done here. The colonization road, called the St. John Road, passes through Tewkesbury. Distance from Charlesbourg, 14 miles; from Quebec, 18 miles. Mail: weekly. Population about 455.


Arnett, Francis, farmer

Bedard, Baptiste, farmer

Bedard, Jacques, farmer

Bernier, Joseph

Boyd, John, farmer

Boyd, William, farmer

Bureau, Jean, carpenter

Chartré, Zéphirin, farmer

Cloutier, Narcisse, famer

Conn, John, farmer

Coady, James, farmer

Coady, Nicholas, school commissioner, farmer, and saw mill

Coady, Richard, farmer and saw mill

Corrigan, William, J.P., mayor, postmaster, secretary-treasurer of schools, farmer

Cowan, James, farmer

Craig, David, farmer

Craig, John, farmer

Craig, William, evaluator, farmer

Cullen, James, farmer

Cullen, Lawrence, farmer

Dacres, John, farmer

Deschamps, David, farmer

Deschamps, Ferdinand, councillor, farmer

Deschamps, Henri, farmer

Deschamps, Xavier, councillor, farmer

Devine, Patrick, farmer

Duffy, James, farmer

Dunn, Michael, farmer

Enright, John, farmer

Flanigan, George, farmer

Fraser, Alexander, farmer, school commissioner

Fraser, John, farmer

Jamieson, James, farmer

Johnson, Robert, farmer

Kavanagh, Joseph, secretary-treasurer of municipality, farmer

Loignon, Joseph, farmer

Loughren, George, farmer and school commissioner

Loughren, James, farmer

McGee, Joseph, farmer

McKee, Alexander, secretary-treasurer of schools, farmer

McKee, Alex, farmer and school commissioner

McKee, Benjamin, councillor, farmer, sawmill

McKee, James, farmer, school commissioner

McKee, Robert, farmer

McKeown, John, farmer

McKeown, Patrick, farmer

Maher, Miss Mary, school teacher

Martin, Thomas, farmer

Mitchell, Rev. Robert, ch of England

Murphy, Michael, school commissioner, farmer

Paquet, Jacques, school commissioner, farmer

Paquet, Jmes, farmer

Paquet, Pierre, farmer

Payne, John, farmer

Plamondon, Elie, councillor, farmer, secretary-treasurer of school commissioners

Seeds, Samuel, farmer

Seeds, William, councillor, farmer

Stewart, Agnes, school teacher

Vinet, Joseph, road inspector, farmer

Whalen, James, school commissioner, farmer

Whalen, James, farmer

Whalen, Michael, farmer

Wilson, John, farmer

Woods, Robert, J.P., farmer

Woods, William, farmer

Wright, Alexander, farmer, saw mill

Wright, John, farmer

Wright, Joseph, farmer

Wright, Thomas, farmer