Lovell's Province of Quebec Directory for 1871



A pleasant village in rear of St. Ambroise, seigniory of St. Gabriel, county of Quebec. It has a large trade in country produce. It compries two municipalities named St. Gabriel and Valcartier West. The Quebec and Gosford Railway runs through St. Gabriel. Distance to St. Ambroise de la Jeune Lorette - 8 miles; from Quebec 14 miles. Mail bi-weekly; Population about 1000.


Abraham, Nicholas, farmer

Adams, James, farmer

Ambrose, George, farmer

Aiken, Isaac, farmer

Aiken, Mrs. Mary, wid. David

Aiken, William, jun., farmer

Aiken, William, sen., farmer

Andrews, William, farmer

Atkins, John, Farmer

Aylwin, Charles, farmer

Bedard, Charles, farmer

Bedard, Pierre, jun., farmer

Berry, James, farmer

Berry, John, farmer

Berry, Thomas, farmer

Billing, Curtis, farmer

Billing, John, farmer

Billing, Thomas, farmer

Billings, William, joiner

Blaik, John, farmer

Boland, Edward, merchant

Boucher, Anselme

Bowles, John, farmer

Boyle, John, farmer

Brooks, Thomas, farmer

Broome, William, farmer

Brown, Charles, farmer

Brown, Henry, jun., farmer

Brown, Henry, sen., farmer

Brown, John, farmer

Brown, Matthew, farmer

Brown, Thomas, farmer

Burns, James, farmer

Callaghan, Dennis

Callaghan, Patrick, farmer

Carroll, Thomas, land surveyor

Cassin, Edward, farmer

Cassin, Patrick, farmer

Cassin, Thomas, farmer

Clark, John, farmer

Clark, Robert, farmer

Clark, Samuel, farmer

Colback, John, farmer

Colback, Robert, farmer

Conway, Edmund, farmer

Conway, Francis, farmer

Conway, Francis, son, farmer

Corcoran, Patrick, farmer

Corcoran, John, farmer

Corrigan, John, farmer

Corrigan, Thomas, farmer

Cosgrove, Patrick

Crawford, Henry, J.P., mayor, farmer

Cullen, John, wheelwright, carpenter and joiner

Culleton, Patrick, farmer

Dacres, Thomas, farmer

Davidson, David, farmer

Davidson, Robert, farmer

Davis, Thomas, farmer

Delaney, John, farmer

Doiron, Luke, farmer

Donley, John, farmer

Donovan, John, blacksmith

Donovan, William, blacksmith

Douglas, John, farmer

Douglas, Robert, farmer

Dowler, Gabriel, farmer

Embrum, George, farmer

Farquar, James, farmer

Fitzpatrick, Charles, farmer

Fitzsimmons, Thomas, farmer

Flynn, Maurice, farmer

Gallagher, John, farmer

Goodfellow, John, farmer

Goodfellow, William, farmer

Gough, Timothy, farmer

Griffin, Michael, farmer

Guilfoyle, Michael, farmer

Hamilton, William, farmer

Harriet, Joseph, farmer

Harriet, Samuel, farmer

Hart, George, farmer

Hartery, Thomas, farmer

Hayes, Patrick, farmer

Hayes, Richard

Henderson, William, farmer

Hicks, Henry, jun., farmer

Hicks, Henry, sen., J.P., mayor, farmer

Hill, Robert, farmer

Holden, Daniel, farmer

Holden, Donald, farmer

Holton, John, farmer

Hornby, Charles, farmer

Hornby, John, farmer

Hornby, William, farmer

Ireland, Hopper, farmer

Jack, Charles, farmer

Jack, George, farmer

Jack, John, farmer

Jack, Thomas, farmer

Kack, Frederick, farmer

Kack, Joseph, farmer

Kack, Patrick, farmer

Kenwell, Joseph, farmer

Kerr, Robert, farmer

King, Patrick, farmer

Knox, John, farmer

Knox, Walter, farmer

Lavalée, John, farmer

Lavalée, Thomas, farmer

Landers, James, farmer

Lang, John, farmer

Lannin, James, farmer

Lecours, Miss Jane, school teacher

Lelièvre, Mrs., wid. Benjamin

Lunenberg, Samuel, secretary-treasurer

Lonergan, Andrew, farmer

Loughran, Mrs. Margaret, wid. Daniel

Loughran, Thomas, farmer

Loughran, William, farmer

McBain, Arthur, farmer

McBain, Curtis, blacksmith

McBain, David, farmer

McBain, David G., general merchant and chairman of school commissioners

McBain, James, farmer

McBain, John, jun., farmer

McBain, John, sen., farmer

McBain, William, J.P. , farmer

McBain, jun., farmer

McCormick, George, farmer

McCartney, Daiv, farmer

McCartney, James, farmer

McCartney ------, plough maker

McCune, John, farmer

McElrone, James, farmer

McGill, William, farmer

McGlone, James, farmer

McGlory, James, farmer

McGlory, Michael, farmer

McGrath, Miss Ann, school teacher

McKinley, David, farmer

McKinley, Henry, farmer

McKinley, Moses, farmer

McLaughlin, Edward, farmer

McLaughlin, John, farmer

McMullen, Robert, farmer

McNichol, Abel, farmer

McNichol, Alexander, farmer

McPherson, Andrew, farmer

Madden, Thomas, farmer

Maher, Edward

Maher, James

Maher, Michael, farmer

Maher, Miss Mary, school teacher

Mailhot, Robert, bailiff, farmer

Martin, Francis, farmer

Martin, James, farmer

Martin, John, farmer

Martin, Joseph, farmer

Monaghan, Edward, farmer

Montgomery, James, farmer

Morris, James, storekeeper

Mulloy, Nicjholas, farmer

Murphy, Richard, farmer

Murphy, Patrick, farmer

Murphy, Simon, farmer

Murphy, William, farmer

Navin, Mrs. , wid. John

Ninteau, Édouard, wheelright

Neil, Daniel, farmer

Neil, John, farmer

Neilson, William, seignior

Newton -----, school teacher

Noreau, Joseph

O'Donnell, farmer

Patton, Francis, farmer

Patton, Henry, farmer

Piché, Zépherin, blacksmith

Pladwell, James, farmer

Quinn, Henry, sexton

Quinlan, Joseph, farmer

Quinlan, Martin, farmer

Reynolds, Francis, farmer

Rhéaume, Ferdinand, farmer

Richardson, George, farmer

Riley, Thomas, farmer

Roark, John, farmer

Roark, Joseph, farmer

Roark, Thomas, farmer

Robinson, Thomas, blacksmith

Ross, Robert, jun., farmer

Ross, Robert, sen., farmer

Rourke, Henry, farmer

Savard, François, farmer

Shanks, Rev. David, ch. of Scotland

Shanks, Samuel, farmer

Shanks, William, farmer

Shantry, Timothy, farmer

Simpson, John, miller

Smith, Francis, farmer

Smith, William, farmer

Smith, William, jun.

Steen, John, farmer

Théberge, Félix, farmer

Théberge, George, farmer

Théberge, Prosper, farmer

Thompson, John, jun., farmer

Thompson, John, sen., farmer

Todd, George, farmer

Welsh, Patrick, farmer

Ward, Henry, secretary-treasurer of municipality, farmer

White, James, farmer

Whillens, William, farmer

Witham, Francis, farmer

Wolfe, Arthur, farmer

Wolfe, Charles, postmaster, mail driver

Wolfe, George, farmer

Woodlock, John, farmer

Wright, Alexander, farmer