Pew Leases for Valcartier Catholic Church - 1838   

by Gerald Neville

Valcartier had not built a Chapel until 1838. What is interesting is that the Valcartier Congreation had a "Pew Lease" for members of the Congregation. The pews were leased mostly by couples for the lifetime of the husbands and wives and the pew lease would revert back to the Church when both were deceased. The Pew Leases were done as a Contract with a Notary. In this case, the Notary was Dominique Lefrançois. Patrick Liddy was the person elected to collect the money for the Pew Leases. Below is a list of Pew Leases that are in Dominique Lefrançois's records for 18 March 1838. I suspect there are more (because Patrick Liddy is not in the list himself) but I have not searched through the list of the notary's records yet.  I did look at the microfilm records for Charles Fitzpatrick and the two Cassins, Michael and Denis. The records give the husband and wife's names, the Pew Number, the Amount paid.    Charles Fitzpatrick and Febby Bethel had Pew# 6.  Michael Cassin and Margaret Kelly had Pew #4.  Denis Cassin and Mary Landrigan had Pew# 5.

DATE: 18 March 1838- Pew Leases for Valcartier Chapel

Peter Bradley
Patrick Liddy
Thomas Carroll
John Navin
Genevieve Rouselle
Charles Fitzpatrick
James Donohue
Thomas Delaney
John Brady
Edward Monaghan
Nicolas Vandal
Hubert Haney
William Corrigan
Thomas King
Denis Cassin
Michael Cassin
Jeanne Martin widow of Thomas Martin
Lawrence Mooney
Thomas Hart
John O'Neill