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                             Table of Contents                                                                Author or Transcriber  

Mayors of St. Gabriel Bernie Monaghan
St. Gabriel's East Council Meetings: Bernie Monaghan
        1845 - 1882   
        1883 - 1889  
        1889 - 1896  
        1896 - 1920  
        1921 - 1928  
        1928 - 1935  
        1935 - 1942  
        1942 - 1949  
St. Gabriel's West Council Meetings 1878 - 1914 Bernie Monaghan
Coroner's Reports for Valcartier (and a few from surrounding towns) Patricia Balkcom
Request to Build an Oatmeal Mill 1825  (many residents mentioned) Patricia Balkcom
Building the Oatmeal Mill 1829-30 (many residents mentioned) Patricia Balkcom
Hotel Dieu Hospital Records Gerald Neville
Valcartier Settler's Testimony Gerald Neville
List of Protestant Emigrants from Ireland to Valcartier 1819 Gerald Neville
1832 Valcartier School Trustees (Billing, Calback, Bethel, Brown, Martel, Bernier) Gerald Neville
Orphans Placed in Valcartier Area Homes in 1847 & 1848 Marianna O'Gallagher







Created by Patricia Balkcom

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