1st December 1832


Deposit - Election of School Trustees - by Curtis Billing


From the records of Notary Dominique Lefrançois


At a Meeting of the Heads of Families in the School District No. 3 in the Parish of St. Ambroise, North Side of River Jacques Cartier in the County of Quebec called by public notice given at church door immediately after divine service and at the most public place in the said School District, for the purpose of electing School Trustees by order of Curtis Billing, Ensign of Militia held at the Government School House on Monday, the 9th day of July one thousand eight hundred 32.


Present, Curtis Billing, Ensign


Trustees: James Calback, his signature;

Wm. Bethel, his signature; T

homas Brown, his signature


were duly elected School Trustees for the said School District, to serve until the second Monday of June, one thousand eight hundred thirty four and thence until the election of their successors, provided such election take place on or before the expiration of three months from that date.


(Certified) Curtis Billing, Ensign of the Militia


On the first of December one thousand eight hundred and thirty five before me the undersigned Notary Public for the Province of Lower Canada residing at the Parish of St. Ambroise of Young Lorette in the County of Quebec and the witnesses subscribed appeared the said Curtis Billing, Ensign of Militia, residing in the Settlement of Valcartier, above named, who according to law, deposited the above Report of the Election of School Trustees for the District aforesaid, depositing officer and witnesses have subscribed their own names with the Notary , the day and year above mentioned after the reading duly made. Two references in margin.


Simon Martel, his signature;

Etienne Bernier, his signature,

Curtis Billing, Ensg. of Militia, his signature;

Dom. Lefrançois, N.P., his signature




Transcribed by Gerald Neville, 2011