Hotel Dieu Hospital Patient Records (Quebec City)

by Gerald Neville

Researched in 2011


Margaret Higgins
Higgins, Margaret, aged 54 years, native of Ireland, resident of Jacques Cartier, wife of Michael Donovan, farmer. December 1826. Length of stay - 12 days.

John McDonald
Note: He is listed in the 1825 Census of Valcartier with 8 in household.
McDonald, John, aged 42 years, native of Ireland, resident at Valcartier, farmer, husband of Dorothy Basset. Died 13 Oct. 1828.

Mary Pollard
Pollard, Mary, aged 39 years, native of Ireland, County of Tipperary, wife of John Bowles, labourer. Died the same day. May 25, 1826.