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 For most of us, the pot of gold at the end of the genealogical rainbow is finding the county or parish in the "old country" from which our ancestors emigrated.  One research technique that might help us reach this goal is cluster genealogy.  Using this technique, you widen the focus beyond the immediate ancestor and look at other relatives and neighbors.  In the case of emigration, I started to look at who the early settlers of the Valcartier area were and when possible, where they  came from. That lead me to think that possibly some of them came from the same counties and maybe even the same parishes in Ireland, Scotland or England. Maybe they even came on the same boats. Following that line of hopeful thinking, I have developed databases where we may all record what we know of those who emigrated to Valcartier, Stoneham, Shannon, Riviere aux Pins, and Ste-Catherine's. By sharing what we know, we may be able to put some of the pieces of the puzzles together.

        Database Instructions:

  1. Click on one of the Country links below (not all are working yet)

  2. Once on the Country page, click on the link to the desired database

  3. This will take you to a Google Spreadsheet.  If you want to add information to the database,  put your cursor arrow in one of the boxes, above or below where you want to add a new row of information. 

  4. Go to the menu bar at top and click on insert, then click on Row Above or Row Below.

  5. A new row will be added and you can type in your information.

  6. If there is already information on the same person you want to add, just start new row with that information rather than correct or delete someone else's work.

  7. Email me if you have any problems  [email protected]

                  Emigration from Ireland

                  Emigration from Scotland

                  Emigration from England

                  Emigration from other Canadian Provinces and the United States




Created by Patricia Balkcom

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  Last Updated on July 30, 2014