Clark’s Steel Bridge 1892

Taken from the minutes of the St Gabriel East Municipality records as recorded by Bernie Monaghan.



July 25th 1885, bridge to be planked

Nov. 2nd 1885, Pay for planking, this municipality’s share $21.66

May 3rd, 1886, borrow $17.50 for repairs to bridge over Jaques Cartier.

Aug. 20th 1886, Council petition Government for aid to repair bridge.

Oct 8th 1886, Grant of $500.00 from government for repairs to 2 center piers.

Oct. 9th 1890, Proposed construction of an Iron bridge. (Mr. Fitzpatrick Member)

Dec. 1st 1890, accepts government offer.and hopes that the government will proceed

with the new Iron Bridge as soon as possible as the old bridge is in a dangerous state

Jan 5th 1891, Municipality share of $2,533.33 to be borrowed.

Jan 20th1891, borrow and levy for abutments of new bridge.

July 6th 1891, old bridge dangerous condition Maximum 300 weight.

Feb 6th 1892, that the council sell old bridge.

May 1st 1893, sell the building of a fence leading to new Steel bridge.

June 7th 1897 to be floored.

June 17th 1897, bridge to be painted and floored rust to be removed.

                        Sign boards to prevent trotting.

Aug 9th 1897, borrow $100.00 to paint bridge, James Burns to be appointed to watch if      

anyone trots over bridge.

Oct 4th 1897, To build breakwaters at the abutments of bridge.

Jan 3oth 1899, acknowledge the $100.00 received from Mr.Fitzpatrick Member.

Oct 7th 1901, James Clark $4.90 to repair bridge.

Nov 10th 1902, Floor iron bridge John Todd.


Minutes of St Gabriel East.


April 14th 1890, To pay Mr. James Burns $7.50 for repairs to the bridge.

May 5th 1890, $7.50 for repairs to the Bridge over the Jaques Cartier.

                        To set the fence along the road to the bridge over the Jaques Cartier

Oct 6th 1890, Public meeting of ratepayers in consideration of the building of the new

bridge over the Jaques Cartier.

Oct 13th 1890, to pay $1000.00 towards the construction of the iron bridge across the

 Jaques Cartier.

Dec. 1sr 1890, $9.50 for repairs to the road leading to the bridge.

Mar. 3rd 1891, to borrow the sum of $1,266.67 for construction of an iron bridge this being

 the share of this aforesaid municipality

March 7th 1891, acceptance of by-law No. 9  to borrow the money for the bridge.

May 4th 1891, repairs to the bridge over the Jaques Cartier set to the lowest tender.

Oct 15th 1891, levy a tax to pay for bridge costs.




Dec 7th 1891, order James Burns to have the bridge over the Jaques Cartier repaired,

Railing and floor.

June 6th 1892, petition the government to relieve the councils East and West of the money

 borrowed for the bridge across the Jacques Cartier river.

Oct 3rd 1892,  re. Interest for money borrowed for iron bridge. Also costs of clearing snow

                        of the iron bridge.

Nov. 7th 1892, to have the fence or railing at the end of the iron bridge crossing the

 Jaques Cartier river put on both sides.


The following was taken from Bernie Monaghan’s account of his “Mills of Valcartier” document.


A wooden bridge was erected across the Jacques Cartier River in 1833. We believe it was built on the piers that are still visible today in low water. This bridge was almost completely destroyed by an ice-jam in 1836 and was condemned in 1831. So for about thirty years the river-crossing was done by ferry between Wolff's landing and William Neilson's property, later owned by Samuel Clark until a second wooden bridge was built on the same piers in or about 1870, as my father, Albert Monaghan, who was born in 1861, used to tell about crossing on the scow to attend church and catechism lessons. This bridge was replaced by the present Iron Bridge built in 1891.

St Gabriel East records before 1878 must have been lost over the years, consequently there is no record of the building of the first bridges; possibly they have some record in the Records of St. Gabriel East. Patrick Cosgrove was Mayor in 1818 and died while still in office. The building of the Iron Bridge is well detailed and with Government aid, both Municipalities contributed to its erection.