Quebec Archives # E21 S66 SS3 SSS6 D1125

Application of Michael and his son Denis Cassan, John Cassan, Edward Cassan, Thomas and Patrick Cassan, filed with the board responsible for administering the property of the Jesuits, to be conceding lots 12 to 17 in the ranking toisième the lordship of St. Gabriel, northwest of the Jacques Cartier River, and Wolff note certifying the good character of the family. - 1821

Transcribed by Peggy Haley

April, 2012

The Petition of Michael

Cassan & Sons

Granted them

Two Lots 10 Nov 1821



To the Honorable John Stewart Esquire

Commissioner for Managing

The Jesuit’s Estates in this

Province Que

Petitioner of Michael Cassan,

And Sons, Denis, John, Edward,

Thomas, and Patrick Cassan.


Your Petitioners being desirous of settling in this Country

humbly pray, you will be pleased to grant them the following vacant

Lots in the third Range in the Seigniory of St. Gabriel on the North West side of

River Jacques Cartier, to the? Lots Number, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen,

Sixteen and seventeen in the same concessions As the other settlers in


Reccommended by Michael Cassan

On 27th October?