Quebec Archives #E21 S64 SS5 SSS6 D1337


List of costs incurred in the construction of the oat mill Valcartier Saint-Gabriel lordship, compiled by Louis Panet, agent Jesuit Estates, between 1 July 1829 and 1 June 1830.


The document includes the following names: Louis L'Heureux for lime; Louis Giroux, mason; Jean-Baptiste Sebastien for lime; John Maguire for  mining tools; William Brown, overseer; George Brooks, labourer; Charles Pageot (Pajot, Pageau) Sweeney and tools for Houghton, James Abraham, laborer, John Inrie, daily; Peter Partilow, labourer; Andrew McKinley, labourer, John Abraham, labourer; Denis Cassan, labourer; and Gillespie and  Finley stones; James Roark for lumber; Joseph Perse for the purchase of his land for the mill receipt at W. Campbell, notary; John Dalrymple as a salary for miller;  Mrs. Paine Whyte, labourer; David McCune, labourer; Hon. Matthew Bell for iron; Lawrence Hartley for measuring minots; George Brooks, labourer; Archibald Munro, laborer, John Chamberland, labourer; John Armstrong for iron; G. Whitfeld for nails; J. Adams for calculating masonry; Irvine, Macnaught for iron; Louis Giroux, for masonry; D. & C. McCallum for lumber and coal;  F. Fassin (?)joiner;  Benjamin Ecuyer, Surveyor; John Henderson, J. K. Methot, William Price, P. Dorion, John Besset,  J. Pugeot.