Wednesday 9 May 1821


At a meeting of the Commissioners




Mr. Ryland in the Chair

Mr. Stewart

Mr. Smith


Mr. Fay



Captain Barrington being about from the Province, and it appearing that certain improvements have been by his son an unconceded lands situated in Valcartier it was ordered by the Board that a deed of concession be granted to Elizabeth Nayward Barrington, wife of Captain Barrington of two lots of  3 acres each in front extending from the division line of the 4th concession to the seigniorial line on the North East and to her son Charles John Barrington the two adjoining lots of 3 acres each in front bounded in like manner.




Transcribed by Audrey Henderson, April 13, 2015

Original Data found online at Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec (

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