No date listed but it was probably in the summer of 1825.


To the Honourable the Commissioners for managing the Estates of the late order of the Jesuits.


The Petition of Robert Boyd now at Valcartier humbly sheweth.


That your Petitioner left Ireland in the year of Our Lord 1825 in the month of April and arrived in this Country in the month of June with a view of obtaining Land and settling as a farmer to which he had been brought up in his native Country.


That your Petitioner is informed that there are a considerable tract of Land which is ungranted in the Seigneury of St. Gabriel lying on the North-East bank of the River Jacques Cartier contiguous to Counsellor Black’s land in the 5th or 6th Concession.


That if your Honours will be pleased to grant unto your Petitioner a lot of said land, your Petitioner would immediately remove thereto and make a Settlement thereon,


Your Petitioner therefore humbly requests that your Honours will be pleased to grant him a lot within the said Tract and your Petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.


P.S.   The Petitioner is certainly informed that there are several lots ungranted in the said 5th concession of inferior quality of which No. 1.2.3. are the best, and in case the above land is already granted. He likewise humbly requests that your Honours would be pleased to grant him a double lot of the same.


He has two brothers in Ireland (George and Thomas) if they could procure land would come over and settle and assist to support their parents, providing age might deprive them of the ability to support themselves.


The Petition of Robert Boyd




Transcribed by Audrey Henderson, April 13, 2015

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