The Channel Islanders of the Gaspé Peninsula


Tchubec, in the native language of the Jersey and Guernsey people stands for Québec, the region in which more than 1000 Channel Islanders settled into between 1765 to 1940.


 The people and societies who made a difference in the research process of the Channel Islanders who migrated to the Gaspé Peninsula, the St. Lawrence River North Shore, the provinces of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.


> Gaspé Peninsula Family Searches

> Marcel R. Garnier - Historian and researcher from Paspebiac compiled more than 1,500 births, marriages and deaths of family members who originated from the Channel Islands who would settle in Gaspesia, New Brunswick and the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River. Mr. Garnier passed away in 2006 -

> George Francis LeFeuvre - Historian and writer from the Channel Islands, who wrote a number of books, many in the original language of the Channel Islanders. Among his many books, one stands-out "Jerry Jadis", the story of the epic journey of the Jersey and Guernsey people to North America - Mr. Lefeuvre died in 1984 in Canada -

> Tony Le Sauteur - Historian, writer, programmer, Web developer. Mr. Le Sauteur has developed the most comprehensive data base dealing with the Channel Islanders who settled the Gaspé Peninsula and other surrounding regions - Mr. Le Sauteur was born in 1929 and to my knowledge is still alive in February of 2009 - or or

> Claudette Garnier - Bonaventure - 207 avenue de Port Royal, Bonaventure QC G0C 1E0 - Tél: 418-534-2926 - Ms. Garnier is the sister of the late Marcel R. Garnier (see above) - To my knowledge Ms. Garnier does not actually research family lineages, but will put you in touch with the true experts in the Gaspé region, in the Island of Jersey and in France - People, with whom Ms. Garnier and her late brother had built a close and trusted relationship for many years. - http://www.gogaspé.com/gcis/board.html

> Gaspé Jersey Guernsey Association - http://www.gogaspecom/ gcis/board.html -  Marie Savage, vice-president and person of contact - 418-782-2790 - [email protected] - Suzanne Mauger, president - 418-385-2353 - Diane Sawyer, past president - 418-752-6110  - George Edson Langlois, past president - Emery Dumaresq, past president - Ms. Diane Sawyer was actually born in the Channel Islands - In regard to genealogy searches, contact Marie Savage, she will guide you to the proper person.

> QFHS Channel Islanders - The Gaspé Peninsula Family Binder - Reference Section at the QFHS Library, a large binder of families who originated from the Islands of Jersey & Guernsey who settled in the Gaspé Peninsula, on the St. Lawrence River North Shore and on Chaleur Bay on the New Brunswick side of the Bay of Chaleur. The binder in question was placed on top of the the Dr. David McDougall Gaspé Peninsula Filing Cabinet, within the QFHS Library.


> Jersey - Guernsey Family Searches

> The Channel Islands Family History Society - - [email protected] - Tel: 011 44 1534 731 336 - Mailing address: Channel Islands Family History Society - CIFHS - PO Box 507, Jersey JE4 5TN

> Jersey Fanily History Forum - Extended Research - The Superindendent Registrar - 10 Royal Square, St. Helier, Jersey JE2 4W4 - tel: +44 (0) 1534 441335 - Fonds include in part civil registration. The official records of births, marriages, deaths of all twelve parishes in Jersey from 1842 -

> Jersey Archive - Clarence Road, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 4J6 - Tel: +44 (0) 1534 833333 - Fonds include all the major family history sources including census records, wills, testaments, occupation registration cards, royal court records, public registry - On-line consultation: - The OPAC allows you to search for names, places, subjects and others.

> Société Jersiaise - - Founded in 1873. Fonds include family trees, CIFHS indexes of births, baptisms, marriages, deaths and burials, published family histories and others - Address: Lord Coutanche Library, 7 Pier Road, St. Helier, Jersey, JE2 4XW - tel: +44 (0) 1534 758314

> Jersey Public Library - Halkett Place, St. Helier, New Jersey JE2 4WH - tel: +44 (0) 1534-448701 - 

> Tracing Your Channel Islands Ancestors - Publications for sale -

> Parish of St. Helier - The parish administers cemeteries within the parish and has extensive burial records from 1827 to the present.

> Guernsey 1814-1914 - Migration - Author Rose-Marie Crossan, Boydell Press 2007, ISBN 978-1-84383-320-8 - Publisher: Boyle and Brewer Ltd, PO Box 9, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3DF; 01394 610600; Amanda Davidson, [email protected]

> Marion G. Turk - The Quiet Adventurers in Canada - QFHS Book # GS 431.3 T87 1979 - A detailed and extremely well researched compilation, bibliography, chronology, journals, settlements, Canadian sources, Channel Island sources, Channel Island surnames and families in Canada and surname index, maps of Jersey and Guernsey with parish locations - More than 550 pages.

> Channel Islands Research Sources - People and societies with mailing, email, web site addresses, telephone numbers in the Channel Islands including those of: Alex Glendinning - La Société Guernesiaise - Priaulx Library - Family History in Jersey - Société Jersiaise - Channel Island Family History Society - Jersey Archive - Sark Church Records - Society of Genealogists - GENUKI Pages - -

> The Channel Islands Mailing List - GENUKI - Jersey - - 10 pages of information related to Jersey sources such as: Archives, Libraries, Cemeteries, Census, Church Records, Civil Registration, Court Records, Emigration, Genealogy, Guardianship, Land and Property, Language and Languages, Maps, Newspapers, Orphans and Orphanages, Probate Records, Vital Records and others.

> Marion Turk's Jersey Families - RootsWeb: - email: [email protected] - 38 families

> Channel Islands Genealogy -Volunteers Lookups - 5 pages of volunteers, research material, related to Channel Islands genealogy with appropriate click-on with email addresses.


> Bretagne & Normandie Family Searches

> France's Modern day Départements - #14 Calvados, #22 Côte d'Armor, #27 Eure, #29 Finistère, #35 Ille-et-Villaine, #44 Loire-Atlantique, #50 Manche, #56 Morbihan, #61 Orne, #76 Seine Maritime,

> Association l'Arbre - Calvados - France - St-Germain La Blanche Herbe (Clécy) - Huguette Lalin, president - Corporate address: Mairie, rue Roland-Nico 14280 St-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe, France - Personal address: 24 rue Albert-Camus, 14280, St-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe, France - Tél: 011 332 3173 2879 - email: l[email protected] - Ms. Lalin has conducted a number of searches of families from France who had settled in the Channel Islands of Jersey, Guernsey, Sercq, Aurigny, Herm and subsequently into Tchubec (Gaspé Peninsula).

> Cherbourg, St-Malo and Roscoff - France - Links were established between the Channel Islands and the port cities of Cherbourg, St-Malo and Roscoff in France and the various landing places in the Channel Islands -  I will research shortly the possible links between families in the regions of Cherbourg, Saint-Malo and Roscoff in France with those of the Channel Islands, families who later settled the Gaspé Peninsula, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River.

> Departure Port of Cherbourg - France - Ancient Province of France of Normandie - Modern Départements of France being #76 Seine Maritime, #27 Eure, #61 Orne, #14 Calvados, #50 Manche - Refer to the compilation researched by this researcher entitled; France, Belgium, Switzerland under the heading of "Archives Départementales"

> Departure Port of St-Malo - France - Ancient Province of France of Bretagne - Modern Départements of France being #35 Ille et Villaine, #56 Morbihan, #44 Loire Atlantique, #22 Côte d'Armor, #29 Finistère - Refer to the compilation researched by this researcher entitled; France, Belgium, Switzerland under the heading of "Archives Départementales"

> Departure Port of Roscoff - France - Ancient Province of France of Bretagne - Modern Départements of France being #29 Finistère, #35 Ille et Villaine, #56 Morbihan, #44 Loire Atlantique, #22 Côte d'Armor - Refer to the compilation researched by this researcher entitled; France, Belgium, Switzerland under the heading of "Archives Départementales"


> South of England Family Searches

> Colin Dean - Dorchester - England - The Greenwood Tree, 8 Holcombe Mead, Alton Pancras, Dorchester DT2 7RT England - tel: 01300 348524 - emails: [email protected] & [email protected]

> The Greenwood Tree - The Somerset and Dorset Family History Society - Sherborne - Dorset - England - Bob Steed, chairman, Alan Brown, acting secretary - PO Box 4502, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 6Yl - Tel: 01935 389611 - email: [email protected] - web: - From the late 18th century, the parish registers of Alderney and Guernsey records marked an increase in the number of marriages between people from Southern England, especially those from Somerset and Dorset counties (source material: Colin Dean) - For a detailed 116 pages special report on the Channel Islands, please refer to the journal The Greenwood Tree at QFHS, May 2002 Vol. 27 No.2 edition. This magazine is available to QFHS members including those residing outside of the Montreal region. A small contribution for mailing costs would be appreciated

> The Greenwood Tree - The Somerset and Dorset Family History Society, a two page article by Colin Dean entitled Channel Island Migration in the November 2007 Vol.32 No.4 issue of the Greenwood Tree. In this article Mr. Dean outlines the migration pattern from the mid 1800's of families who migrated from the Channel Islands to the Somerset and Dorset region of England.

> Compiled by: Jacques Gagné - [email protected]

> Last update: April 2012