Directories of people in the city of Québec


Including the cities, towns, villages of:

Beauport - Cap-Rouge - Charlesbourg - Charlesbourg-Ouest - Charny - Courville - Giffard - Lauzon - Lévis - Montmorency - Neufchatel - Sillery - St-David - Ste-Foy - St-Romuald - Vanier - Villeneuve


1822 - 1976


The Québec and Lévis directories contains full listings of the inhabitants, in addition to additional informations accompanied with descriptive plans of the city of Quebec and its suburbs.


Please note that the Lovell Directory for the region indicated above does not exist - What does exist are Directories by publishers such as: Marcotte, Mackay, McLaughlin, Cherrier & Kirwin, Cherrier, Irwin & Co, Bennett, Brent's and others.


In the early years, a high percentage of the families listed were British, Scottish, Irish, Americans, Germans in addition to French Canadians


Most of the comments within these directories during the early years are in the English language


From 1890, the comments are in the English and French languages


From 1955 onward, the comments are mostly in the French language.


  From 1861 or about, said directories contains complete lists of all of the inhabitants of the city with full descriptions of their businesses and professions and information carefully collected in reference to government and public offices, banks, corporate institutions & companies in Quebec City.


> 1822 - The Quebec Directory


> 1826 - The Québec directory, or Stranger's guide in the city


> 1844 to 1852 - The Quebec Directory


> 1847-1848 - Québec Directory and City and Commercial Register


> 1848 to 1853 - MacKay's Quebec Directory


> 1854-1855 - Brent's Quebec Business Directory


> 1855 to 1858 - McLaughlin's Québec Directory


> 1858 to 1869 - G.H. Cherrier - The Quebec Directory


> 1869-1870 - Canadian Dominion Directory - Quebec Directory


> 1870-1871 - G.H. Cherrier - The Quebec Directory  


> 1871-1872 - G.H. Cherrier & Son - The Quebec and Lévis Directory in addition to the villages and parishes of Bienville, La Canardière, Mount Pleasant, Stadacona, St-Charles, St-Joseph-de-Lévis


> 1872-1873 - Cherrier & Kirwin's Québec and Lévis Directory and the villages and parishes of Guenet Suburb, Mount Pleasant, Stadacona, Ste-Angèle, St-Charles 


> 1874 to 1878 - Cherrier's Directory - Québec & Levis and the villages and parishes of Bienville, St-Joseph de Lévis, St-Sauveur


> 1877-1878 - Bennett's Québec & Lévis Directory in addition to the villages of the counties of Beauce, Champlain, Dorchester, Lévis, Montmorency, Québec.


> 1878 to 1882 - Cherrier's Quebec City & Lévis Directory including the villages of Mount Pleasant, Stadacona, St. Charles, the Municipality of St-Sauveur and all Coves of the North Shore.


> 1882 to 1885 - Cherrier's Quebec City & Lévis Directory including the Municialalities of Bienville, Lauzon, St-Columba of Sillery, St- Sauveur.


> 1886 to 1889 - Almanach des adresses Cherrier de la Ville de Québec - Cherrier's Quebec City Directory, plus the towns and villages of Bienville, Lauzon, Sillery, St-Sauveur


> 1889-1890 - Cherrier's Quebec City Directory 1889-1890, in addition to the following municipalities and parishes: Ancienne Lorette, Charlesbourg, Beauport, Cap-Rouge, Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Point Levis, Sillery, St. Roch, St-Sauveur


> 1890 to 1917 - L'Indicateur de Québec & Lévis - Quebec & Levis Directory, in addition to the inhabitants of parishes around the city including Ancienne-Lorette, Beauport, Bienville, Cap Rouge, Charlesbourg, Giffard, La Petite Rivière, Lauzon, Montmorency, New Liverpool, Sillery, St-Ambroise, St-David, Ste-Foy, St-Louis-de-Corville, St-Romuald, St-Télesphore, Village Huron


> 1918 to 1945 - Marcotte Annuaire des Adresses Québec-Lévis - Marcotte Quebec City & Lévis Directory, in addition to the towns of Ancienne-Lorette, Beauport, Bienville, Cap Rouge, Charlesbourg, Giffard, La Petite Rivière, Lauzon, Loretteville, Montmorency, Pin Court, Sillery, St-Ambroise, St-David, Ste-Foy, St-Louis de Corville, St-Romuald, St-Télephore, Village Huron


> 1945 to 1951 > Marcotte's Quebec City & Lévis Directory - An alphabetical list of the names of citizens and business firms of Quebec City, Lauzon, Lévis, Quebec West, Sillery, Ste-Foy, St-Michel-Archange


> 1952-1953 - Marcotte's Quebec City & Lévis Directory including also Giffard, Lauzon,  Quebec West, Sillery, Ste-Foy, St-Michel-Archange,


> 1954-1955 - Marcotte Annuaire Québec & Lévis Directory including also Ancienne-Lorette, Beauport, Boischatel, Charlesbourg, Courville, Giffard, Lauzon, Loretteville, Quebec West, Sillery, Ste-Foy, St-Grégoire, St-Michel-Archange,  St-Romuald, St-David, St-Télesphore, Villeneuve,


> 1956 to 1975 - Annuaire Marcotte de Québec Métropolitain - Marcotte's Metropolitan Quebec City Annual Directory including also Beauport, Charlesbourg, Chaelesbourg-Ouest, Charny, Courville, Duberger, Giffard, Lauzon, Lévis, Montmorency, Neufchatel, Petite Rivière, Quebec West, Sillery, Ste-Foy, St-David, Ste-Foy, St-Romuald, St-Télesphore, Silley, Vanier, Villeneuve


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