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     Story                                                                                                      Author or Transcriber

A Close Call (Sarah Loughren)  Bernie Monaghan
A Tragic Accident in 1918 (Goodfellow, Cartwright & Hawkins) Bernie Monaghan
Driving Pulpwood on the Jacques Cartier River B. Monaghan and M. Corrigan
Earthquakes Felt in Valcartier Bernie Monaghan
James McCartney's Songs James McCartney
Music and Dance in Valcartier Bernie Monaghan
Richard Douglas' Barn Becomes a Prey to Flames Bernie Monaghan
A Christening Michael King
No Repeat Please Thomas Guilfoyle
A Heavy Ghost Grandson of Michael Woodlock
Hauling Hay From Rushabuc Woodlock
Horse Racing Woodlock
The First Oil Lamp Pete Powell
Harvest Excursion Tim Kiley to J. A. Griffin
Farming in Valcartier Bernie Monaghan
My Summers in Shannon Daniel Griffin
The Montreal Irish                    Page 1           Page 2           Page 3 Montreal Gazette
Three Letters to Pine River & Fragile Boys, Fragile Men Harold Griffin








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