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         2017, September - Biographies:  Wolff Family History

                            Census Records:   Valcartier - 1871 East and West

                                                         Valcartier - 1861 (transcription edited, updated with corrections)

                                                         Valcartier - 1881 East and West

                                                         Valcartier - 1891 East and West

                                                         Valcartier - 1901 East and West

                                                         Valcartier - 1911 East and West

                                                         Valcariter - 1921 East and West

         2017, January - Census Records:

                                                    Valcartier - 1824, 1852 Agricultural Census

                                                    Graves - 1831 Census & Farm Census, 1842

                                                    St-Basile - 1861, 1871, 1911

                                                    Halesbourough - 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1911

                                                    Bourg Louis - 1851, 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911

                                  Maps:  Early Map of Valcartier (1821), List of Voters in Valcartier in 1894 (includes Lot numbers)

                                  Biographies:  The Murphy Family of Bourg Louis

                                  Family Collections:  Added information on the Lamont, Shannon and Switzer Families

                                  Cemetery Records - the link to St-Edmond's Catholic Cemetery photographs has been fixed

         2016, June - Census Records:

                                                    1825 Cap Sante

                                                    1831 Cap Sante

                                                    1842 Bourg Louis

                                                    1921 Bourg Louis

                                                    1901 St-Basile

                                                    1921 St-Basile

                                                    1821 Valcartier

                                                    1851 Ste-Catherine

                                                    1842 Halesborough

                                   Land Records -

                                                    1858 Patrick Tower to John McLaughlin

                                                    1870 Land Grant to Thomas Hartery

                                                    1885 Land Sale to Patrick Delaney

                                                    1888 Gift of Land from Widow Hartery to Thomas Hartery

                                                    1861 Loan Obligation from John McLaughlin to Francis Martin

                                   Biographies -  The Story of Ellen Coughlin

                                                         The Bowles of Valcartier's Roots in Ireland

                                                         Edward McLaughlin, Husband of Ann Martin

                                  History of Valcartier-

                                                    Where the Heck was Riverside, The House of the Fairchilds?

                                  Wills - Mary Hayes, wife of John Conway

                                              James Powell (Poole), widower of Ellen Murphy

                                              Bernard McGratty, father of Rev. Hugh McGratty

                                              James Calway, father-in-law of Arthur Alex. Wolff

                                              Hugh Paisley, priest of St-Gabriel

                                              Matthew Brown, husband of Mary Ireland

                                              Ellen Calback, wife of Henry Austin Brown

                                              Henry Austin Brown, husband of Ellen Calback

                                              Ann Calback, wife of Edward Brown

                                              Edward Brown, husband of Ann Calback (2 wills)

                                              Ann Brown, wife of Thomas Dacres

                                              Thomas Dacres, husband of Ann Brown

                                              Charlotte Wolff, widow of William Aikens

                                              Elizabeth McCartney, wife of John Hornby

                                              Richard Hayes, husband of Mary White  

                                              Mary White, wife of Richard Hayes 

                                              Patrick Kennedy, husband of Mary Flanagan

                                              Mary Flanagan, wife of Patrick Kennedy 

                                              Bridget Flanagan, wife of Richard Coady 

                                              Joseph Harriet, husband of Ann Jane Thomson  


                                    Research Guides:  

                                               Directories of People in the City of Quebec 1822- 1976 by Jacques Gagne

                                               How to Translate Catholic Baptism & Burial Records from French to English by Jacques Gagne 



         05/23/2015 -   Land Records - several added

                                Index of People - many records added or updated. 

                                More Wills

                                New Biographies - Some Related Goodfellow Settlers in Canada  by Marjorie Goodfellow

                                                              Research Questions regarding the McLaughlin Families of Valcartier 

                                New Census Records:   Transcriptions of the entire (all columns, all people) Censuses:

1861 Stoneham Census

1871 Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

                                New Research Guide - English Language Genealogical Societies in Quebec & Their Collections

                                New Cemetery Information - History of Mount Herman Cemetery in Quebec City (by Lessard & Gagne)

                                More Websites - new links


          03/28/2015 - DNA project added


          03/17/2015 -  Court Records - several added

                                Index of People - many records added or updated. 

                                More Wills

                                Trial of Michael Farrell paper has been moved from the Biography section to the Court Cases section                             

                                Orphans Placed in Valcartier Area Homes in 1847 & 1848

                                Military Records:  New Section!

                                New Census Records:   Transcriptions of the entire (all columns, all people) Censuses:

1851 Valcartier Census

1851 Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier

                                New Church Records

St. Ambroise Catholic Church, Loretteville, selected baptisms 1818-1840

St. Ambroise Catholic Church, Loretteville, selected marriages 1818-1840

St. Ambroise Catholic Church, Loretteville, selected burials 1818-1841

Church of Scotland, Valcartier, Marriage Index 1833 - 1855

Church of England (Marriage Index 1839 - 82 Valcartier, Stoneham, & other areas)

Church of England, Ste-Catherine (Marriage Index 1857 - 1874)


         11/25/2014 -  Court Records - several added

                                Index of People - many records added or updated

                                More Wills

                                Research Guides - Parish Registers available at the Archives Nationales du Quebec on Viger Avenue in Montreal

                                More Websites - new links


         07/30/2014 -  Biographies:  Andrew McKinley and Sarah McCune and Their Children

                                                    Thomas Gough and Alice Mooney and Their Children

                                Court Records - several added

                                Emigration - added County Louth

                                Index of People - many records added or updated

                                Maps - Lot numbers for 1819 in Valcartier

                                Research Guides - The Churches of the Irish Catholics of Lower Canada and Quebec


         01/21/2014 -  St. Edmond Catholic Cemetery, Stoneham - photographs added

                                St. Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier Catholic Cemetery - photographs added

                                Index of People - many people updated

                                More Wills

                                Research Guides - Using Quebec City and Montreal Newspapers Online to Find Obituaries

         12/26/2012 -  1861 Valcartier Census - by Janice Copeman

                               Many new Wills

                               The Irish Catholic Churches in Quebec City

                               The Irish Catholic Churches in Montreal

                               The Irish Catholic Churches of Buckinghamshire, Devon, Dorchester, Hertford, plus the

                                                 Seigniories of St. Giles & Beaurivage within present day counties of Beauce,

                                                 Bellechasse, Dorchester, Lévis, Lotbinière

                               The Channel Islanders of the Gaspe Peninsula

                               The Montreal Irish

                               The Sweeney Families of Valcartier - updated

                               Court Records - new section

                               Emigration - new section

                               More Websites - new links

                               Index of People - updated and new features added - a Search box, several Family

                                                          Tree Charts, and Individuals Last Edited box


        05/10/2012 - 1847 Family Christian Almanac

                              1824 Valcartier Census has been transcribed

                              Index of People - new information added to several families

                              Land Records - new design and many new records

                              More Websites - new design and new links added

                              Wills - new ones added

                              The Sweeney Families of Valcartier

                              The Early Irish in Quebec

                              Susannah McKinley vs. Susannah McKinley

                              Henderson Family History

                              Delia Brown Knox's Autograph Book 1889-94 

                              My Summers in Shannon by Daniel Griffin

                              Campbell Hall Cemetery, Stoneham Transcriptions

                              St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, Stoneham Transcriptions


        03/26/2012 -  1831 Valcartier Census - includes agricultural census

                               1825 Valcartier Census

                               More Wills

                               The Irish in Quebec





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