Extracts from the will of John Brannen, naming beneficiaries:

- son John, 125 acres of land where he now lives, to be laid off in a long square so it shall imbrace the plantation and to be valued at $200;
- son Wiley Brannen, 100 acres of land more or less where he now lives, imbracing the plantation joining my home tract and my son Johns land to be laid out and join as aforesaid;
- son-in-law William Outlaw 100 acres of land more or less to imbrace the plantation where he now lives, the said land beginning at the Cow Hole Branch at the head of my line and thence to a pine corner near the big pond adn thence to a certain mulberry tree in the old field, ..., and to have all the lands lying below said line to Tillers land;
- son-in-law and wife William Waters 100 acres of land ...;
- sons James and Elias all the balance of my land commence at John McClaurin line and ... along the line to William Waters line, son James to have the upper tract joining Daniel Bethune line;
- son-in-law Chapman Hall and wife all my lands on the west side of Little Lynches Creek ... in addition $75;
- daughter Charity to be paid $200 out of my estate;
- balance of estate to be left to the support of my wife and James and Elias;
- appoints John Brannen (son) and William Outlaw as executors;
- witnessed by Tobias Folsom, H. L. Tiller, James Tiller.
signed and dated 13 December, 1849