Transcription of a land sale from Benjamin Galloway to John Piggott for 150 acres in the Lynches Creek area of Craven County, SC, dated 14 October 1771

Benjamin Galloway to John Piggott

This indenture made this fourteenth day of October in the eleventh year of the reign of our sovereign George the third by the grace of god of Great Britain France and Ireland King defender of the faith anna domini 1771

Between Benjamin Galloway of Craven County in the province of South Carolina planter & Sarah Galloway his wife of the one part & John Piggott of the aforesaid county of the other part
Witnesseth that for & in consideration of the sum of ten shillings current money of the province aforesaid by the said John Piggott that said Benjamin Galloway in hand paid ___ receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged to the said Benjamin Galloway hath bargained and sold and by this presents doth bargain & will unto the said John Piggott all that parcel or tract of land including one hundred & fifty acres in Craven County bounding southwestward on Lynches Creek and on the other sides of means? land together with all the roads woods timber ___ lakes ponds fishing waters ___ profits commodities appurtances ___ thereunto belonging or in any wise ___ to have and to hold this tract of land containing one hundred & fifty acres with all & singular all the other premises herein beforementioned & intended to be hereby bargained & sold with their _______ unto the said John Piggott & his heirs and assigns from the day ____ of this presents afore & during & unto the sale ___ term of one whole year from thence ___ & fully to be completed & ended __ & paying therefore unto the said Benjamin Galloway ___ at the end of the term of the same will be lawfully demanded to the intent & purpose that by virtue ___ said John Piggott may ___ actual possession of ___ singular the premises hereby bargained & sold & be thereby enabled to take a grant of release of the reversions of inheritance of ___ premises hereby bargained & sold to him the said John Piggott his heirs & assigns forever subject ___ & all other titles reversions and limitations previous subject nevertheless to the taxes which may arise on the said land & all other title reversions previous & limitations whatsoever in the original grant made at the same premises to the said John Piggott ___ limitation & reserved of as in certain indenture of ____ release intended to bear __ date the ___ day after the date of these presents to be made between the said Benjamin Galloway of the one part & John Piggott of the other part is likewise ___ in witness whereof the said parties to these presents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day & year first above written signed sealed and delivered in the presence of

Nathaniel Piggott
Thomas Welch
Charles Campbell
                                   Benjamin (x, his mark) Galloway
                                   South Carolina
                                   Berkley County

___ on the third day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & seventy one before me John ___ his Majesty’s ____________ John Troup

Recorded & ___ this 9th day of January 1772
South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Microfilm ST013, Conveyance Books (Charleston Deeds)
Vols 3Y-3Z Series S 372001
1771-2. This item is Vol 3Y, pg 106-11
Transcribed from the microfilm by G. W. Balkcom