Will of Christopher John Baldwin
6 March 1850

Georgia Stewart County                    In the name of God, amen

     I Christopher Sno? Baldwin of said State and County being of somewhat advanced age and knowing that I must shortly depart from this world deem it right and proper both as respects myself and my family that I should make a distribution of the property which Kind Providence has blessed me with. I therefore make this my last will and testament hereby renouncing and annulling all others heretofore made by me.

     Item 1st     I desire and direct that my body be buried in a Christian like manner, suitable to my condition - my soul I trust shall return to rest with God who gave it as I hope for Eternal Salvation through the Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

     Item 2nd     I desire and direct that all my final debts be paid without delay by my Executor hereafter named as I am unwilling my creditors should be delayed of their rights, especially as there is no necessity for delay.

     Item 3rd     I appoint my trusty and worthy friend Ira T. Hobbs my Executor on my estate to both act and do for my wife and children as he may think best and for their good to this my Last Will and Testament

     This January 8th 1850

Signed sealed and delivered and published by Christopher Sno. Baldwin as his last will and testament in the presence of the subscriber who subscribes occurrences hereunto in the presence of said Testator and of each other this January 8th 1850

Georgia                         Court of Ordinary
Stewart County                         March 1850

          The within last will and testament of Christopher S. Baldwin having been duly proven at their regular hour in open Court upon the oaths of John C. Baldwin and Jesse Hobbs who depose that they each of them were present and heard the said testator publish and declare the same to be his last Will and Testament - It is ordered that the same be admitted to record and that Letters Testamentary do issue to Ira T. Hobbs the Ex. named in said Last Will and Testament.

                    Recorded 6th March 1850
                              J. S. Wimberly D.C.C.O.

Transcribed by G. W. Balkcom 30 January 2001
Source:          Photocopy from Stewart County Ordinary Court Will Book B, 1850-1890, page 2
Repository:     Georgia Department of Archives & History

Appointment of Guardianship, John C. Baldwin
Georgia Stewart County

     Know all men by these presents that we John C. Baldwin, William Harrison, and Joseph J. Scott are held and by unto the Ordinary for said County and his successors in office in the just sum of Twelve Hundred & Eighty dollars payable by the said John C. Baldwin, William Harrison, and Joseph J. Scott or either of them, their heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns jointly and severally to be paid on condition that the said John C. Baldwin shall do and perform all the duties of guardianship for the persons and property of William J. Baldwin - Barney C. Baldwin - Bryan F. Baldwin & Moses C. Baldwin orphans of Christopher C. Baldwin as the law requires of him otherwise to remain in full force

     Witness our hand and seals this 5th day of December 1853

                                        J. C. Baldwin
                                        William Harrison
                                        Joseph J. Scott
Attested and approved by
J. L. Wimberly - Ordinary

Recorded 11th day of January 1854          signed J. L. Wimberly Ordinary

Transcribed by G. W. Balkcom 30 January 2001

Source:          Photocopy from Stewart County Ordinary Court Bond Book B, 1836-1858, page 282
Repository:     Georgia Department of Archives & History