The State of Alabama
Henry County

To the Honorable E. W. Teague, Judge of the Probate Court, in and for said County.

The undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Eleazer Gallaway, deceased,
respectfully represents unto your Honor, that said deceased died [1-2 words unclear] and
possessed of the following personal property, to wit 6 beehives, 1 large set farming
utensils, 1 set household and kitchen furniture, two guns, 1 double Barrel Shotgun, 50
bushels corn, 1 set Crockery, 8 oxen, 2 feather beds & furniture, 1 clock, 1 set powder
and lead, and a lot of other perishable personal property, which is retained in his

He alleges that a sale of said property is necessary for a fair and equitable distribution
among the heirs at-law of said deceased.

Wherefore he prays your Honor for an order, allowing him to sell said property for cash,
at the late residence of the said deceased.

Sworn to and signed before me, this the 22nd day of October 1864.

                                        Edward J. Gallaway

E. W. Teague, Judge of Probate
The State of Alabama
Henry County

Court of Probate, In vacation, October 23rd 1864

Upon the application of Edward J. Gallaway, Administrator of the estate of Eleazer
Gallaway, deceased, duly verified by affidavit, praying for a sale of the perishable
property of said deceased, for distribution among the heirs of said deceased, it appearing
that such sale is necessary for that purpose, it is ordered that said Administrator may sell
such property at the late residence of said deceased for cash, after giving the notice
required by law, by posting notices at the Court House door, and three other public places
in said County for at least three weeks before said day, and that due and proper return
thereof be made thereof to this Court, as required by law. It is ordered that said
application be recorded and filed.

                                   E. W. Teague, Judge of Probate

Estate of Eleazer Gallaway, Deceased
Inventory of Appraisement

A full and complete inventory, and correct appraisement of the Estate of Eleazer
Gallaway, Deceased, to wit

280 acres of land, valued @ $3000.00
1 Negro man, Butler 5000.00
6 Bee Hives 50.00
1 Grind Stone 20.00
1 Set Tools 30.00
“ “ 5.00
1 Tub & Half Bushel 5.00
Jug mare 10.00
1 Musket 5.00
Jug & Bottles 8.00
2 Guns 3.00
1 Table & Dishes, Knives & Forks 50.00
Wash Pan & Water Bucket 5.00
Four Chairs 12.00
1 Double Barrel Gun 50.00
1 Pot Hanger 5.00
1 Coffee Mill 1.00
50 Bushels Corn 250.00
2 pots 2 ovens kettle etc 150.00
5 Boxes Barrel etc 25.00
2 axes, spade, etc 10.00
8 head hogs 400.00
Chop axe & Barrel 10.00
3 Jugs Honey, Knight Mug? 25.00

Subtotal $ 9109.

1 lot Bed Clothing 125.00
Feather Beds & Furniture 400.00
1 lot of Table ware 100.00
Boxes, Basket & Sundries 75.00
1 Table and Books 75.00
1 Clock 25.00
2 Kegs Powder, Shot & Lead 75.00
1 trunk & contents 25.00
1 Box 5.00
Chairs, Bedstead & ..?.. 20.00
Gold & Silver 15.80
Eastern Bank Bills 45.00
10 Dollars Georgia Augusta 10.00
4 Dollars State Money 4.00
Confederate Bond 400.00
1 Note on Johnson & Russel due January 1 1865 150.00
1 Note on Thomas Knight due January 1 1862 22.50
1 Note on R. G. Smith, McIntyre & Duncan Jan 1 1862 40.00
Cost Bill of E. J. Gallaway 13.34
Due James Deal, Balance for Bacon 3.75
Also 65 Dollars in old Specie C Sch?      43.33

Subtotal $1229.39

Total $10,338.39

The State of Alabama, Henry County

Before me, E. W. Teague Judge of Probate, personally came Edward J. Gallaway,
Administrator of the Estate of Eleazer Gallaway, who being duly sworn, says the
following inventory is full and complete. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 22nd [sic]
                         E. W. Teague, Judge of Probate

Edward J. Galloway

Before me, Edward J. Gallaway, Administrator of the Estate of Eleazer Gallaway,
deceased, personally came James P. Lanceford, Alfred Butler, and R. Barwick appraisers
of said estate, who being duly sworn, say the appraisement foregoing is a just and true
valuation of said Estate.

Sworn to and signed before me this 20th day of September 1864,
                         Edward J. Gallaway

J. P. Lanceford
Alfred Butler
Redden Barwick

Recpt ordered to Record this 23rd day Sept 1864 E. W. Teague, Judge of Probate

Transcribed by Jerry Balkcom
17 August, 2006
from a copy of the original received from researcher M Cotton