The State of Alabama
Henry County

To the Honorable E. W. Teague, Judge of the Probate Court, in and for said County

The undersigned Administrator of the Estate of Eleazer Gallaway, deceased,
respectfully requests of your Honor, that said deceased died [..?.. 1-2 words] possessed of
the following described lands lying and being in said County and state, to wit: The NW
¼ of Section 25, T6, R26, and NE ¼ of NW ¼ of same Section, T & Range, and SW ¼ of
SE ¼ of same Section, T & Range, and S ½ of SW ¼ of Section 24, and E ½ of NE ¼ of
Section 36, of Township Six and Range 26, Containing two hundred and eighty acres
more or less.

He represents unto your Honor, that the heirs of said deceased, are your petitioners of full
*     the children of David Hutto, namely, Dilla Watson?, James Hutto, Nancy Hutto,
Jesse? Hutto, William Hutto, and Eliza Hutto, all of who are minors and reside
with their father,
*     Anzelia Brannon, wife of Rozier Brannon, of full age,
*     Elizabeth Driggers, of full age,
all of whom reside in said County.

*     The children of William Gallaway, decd, namely Eleazer Gallaway, a minor of
this County, who is now in the Army,
*     The children of Melvin Gallaway, deceased, namely John, Marion, James,
Jackson, and Lucy Gallaway, all of whom are minors except John, & Marion and
reside in Ga and Alabama,
*     And the children of John Henderson, deceased, namely, Elizabeth, John, William
& James Henderson, all of whom are of full age , except James, and reside in
Florida and Dale County, Alabama, all of the boys being in the Army.

He alleges that said lands cannot be fairly, equally, and beneficially divided among his
heirs at-law of said deceased, without a sale thereof.
Wherefore he prays your Honor for an order authorizing and empowering him to sell said
lands for said purpose for cash, and as in duty bound he will ever pray for [word undecipherable]

Sworn to and signed before me, this the 10th day of November 1864
                                        Edward J. Gallaway

E. W. Teague, Judge of Probate
The State of Alabama
Henry County

Court of Probate

In Vacation Nov 10th 1864, came this day, Edward J. Gallaway, Administrator of the
estate of Eleazer Gallaway, deceased, and his filed application under oath for the sale of
the lands of said deceased, which are described in said application according to law, and
giving the names and residences of the heirs of said deceased, and alleging that

Estate Papers of Eleazer Gallaway, Land Holdings
10 November, 1864
Transcribed by G. W. Balkcom
17 August, 2006
From a copy of the original received courtesy of researcher M Cotton