I am dedicating this website to my mother, Loretta, her two sisters, Marguerite and Annabelle and her two brothers, George and Neil.  Special thanks to George who has been an immense help with the research and the writing of several of the biographies.  He is the only surviving sibling in my mother's family (2020).  Also, special thanks to Brendan St. Croix of St. Mary's who passed away prematurely in 1997, and to the late Frances Marshall of Burin and the late Matthew Marshall of Worcester, Massachusetts.  They were my first Newfoundland "genealogy cousins" and I will always be thankful for their kind, welcoming letters and their research contributions.

Not Everyone Is Family

     Not everyone in the database is related to me as I have included all the people that I find with surnames that I am interested in.  The hope is that I will eventually find enough information to make links between people.  In cases where I know I am related to an individual listed, then there will be a tag called "Relationship" and it will show how that person is related to me.

Living People

     To protect an individual's privacy, all information regarding living people has been excluded.  If there are special details about your deceased relatives that you would like me to exclude, please let me know.  If you happen to find a living person that has slipped through my filter, please email me.


     This is a work in progress and updates will be made frequently.  If you click on the Menu Item  "Recent Changes", you can see what and when new information was added.  Also, corrections are always welcome.

Sources and Citations

     I have provided sources whenever possible.  However, I must apologize for their very rough format in many cases.  When I started doing research thirty years ago, I was not familiar with the correct way to present the references.  I am attempting to "clean them up" but it is a long process.  Also, some research is based on "family lore" or undocumented research from other researchers and sources are not available in those cases, so you should be careful in using that information as the authenicity may be questionable.

Site Use Details

  • Javascript should be enabled on your computer in order to read the charts provided.
  • In the Person Index, if a small icon of a person appears beside the name, it indicates that a photograph accompanies that record.
  • On a Person Page, if you click on the small gray icon that appears under the person's lifespan on the left side of the page, a pop-up pedigree chart for that individual will appear.
  • On a Person Page, clicking on any gray underlined area will take you to a different page.  If the link is the name of the person, it will take you to that person's page.  If the link is the name of a place, it will take you to the Places Index page and will give you a list of all people in the database that have an event in their life that occurred in that location.
  • The "Witness" tag on the Person Pages indicates that an event occurred that had an effect on that person's life.  For example, the death of a child or a spouse is often reflected as a "Witness" event in the life of the parent or of the other spouse.  It does not mean that the person  was literally present during the event.
  • The term "Principal" on the Person Pages indicates that another person was part of the event.  For example, in the listing of a Marriage, both spouses are listed as a "Principals" and you can click on either of the corresponding "Principal" to go the life details for that person.

Using My Information  

     You are welcome to use information here for your own research purposes, or to link to this site. I would appreciate citing me as your source if you use my information.  An example of sourcing of this website:

Patricia Balkcom, My Newfoundland Ancestors ( viewed January 24, 2020 (with appropriate date and reference to a particular section of the site).

     Commercial use or extracting large amounts of information from the site is not permitted.