This site describes ancestors and relatives of Zela N. Franks (1908-1995) and her parents William Barrett Franks and Flora Carder who lived in southwestern Oklahoma and the panhandle of Texas beginning around 1920.  The male line of this family are descendants of Jeremiah Franks (born about 1791) and Morning Fisher (born 1785) of the Caney Forks River area of White County, Tennessee.  Their descendants are traced from Tennessee to Marion County, Alabama, to Itawamba County, Mississippi, and then to Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma.  The Carder maternal line are descendants in the male line of John and Elizabeth Carder (born in the early 1700s) of Culpepper County, Virginia.

  Many of Flora Carder's ancestors were from Scotland and England and some of the Franks are believed to be of German origin. 

  Some Ancestor Families:

  Carder   (Tennessee - Arkansas - Texas - Oklahoma)
                 Fisher     (Germany - Virginia - Pennsylvania - North Carolina - South Carolina - Tennessee)
  Franks   (Tennessee - Alabama - Mississippi - Arkansas - Texas - Oklahoma)
  Galbreath   (Pennsylvania - North Carolina - Tennessee)
  Gann   (Virginia - Tennessee - Alabama - Mississippi - Arkansas - Texas)
  Golden    (Alabama - Tennessee - Arkansas)
  Hanks   (Virginia - North Carolina - Kentucky - Tennessee)
  Harrold   (Tennessee)
  Kearse   (Virginia - South Carolina)
  McAdams   (North Carolina - Tennessee - Alabama - Mississippi - Arkansas - Texas)
  McKamie   (North Carolina - Tennessee - Arkansas)
  Tubb   (Virginia - North Carolina - Tennessee)
  Smith   (Virginia - South Carolina)
  Wilson   (Tennessee)
  Wolverton   (New Jersey - Kentucky - Tennessee - Mississippi - Arkansas)

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